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Big Brother Canada’s fourth season came to an end on Thursday, May 12 with brothers Nick and Philippe Paquette from Ottawa winning over Kelsey Faith. I caught up with jury members Joel Lefevre and Raul Manriquez during the press day on Friday to discuss their season, jury vote and which brother is more deserving of that $100,000 grand prize! You can even watch highlights of our Rapid Fire Q&A below!

How did you decide to cast your vote for the winner?
Joel: For myself, when I knew it was going to be the brothers and Kelsey for the final two, my decision for going with the brothers over Kelsey was that the brothers made more individual decisions for themselves — for moves that would benefit them — which brought them to that point. Whereas for Kelsey, I felt that she was playing for second of third place. As a Big Brother fan, I respected Nick and Phil’s game a little more. However, I didn’t feel that their game was a fantastic winner’s game either.

Were you hoping for Tim to be in final two? Joel: I was hoping for Tim to win. On one hand, I knew he had a lot of people wrapped around his finger, but I knew his true loyalty was towards me and Cassandra. Tim is somebody who I can respect. Strategically and socially, Tim adapted brilliantly to this game. I give him props for that.

Any regrets for helping Phil instead of Tim in that competition?
Joel: My regret is that I didn’t put my foot down and say “I’m going to stick with Tim and Cassandra.” It was a mistake for me to think I could play all angles and that everybody was going to help me at the game. I know that in that particular point where I had helped Phil, I was still going to advance to the next round at that point but it was a mistake for me to not recognize how well Tim was doing. I should have just gone with that side. Threeakshow could have been final three.

Raul, was there any chance you could have voted for someone other than Kelsey?
Raul: If it were between Tim and the brothers, I would have totally voted for Tim to win. For me it was just that Kelsey is my friend. I know people are going to say it’s not a game to make friends.

Well, you turned you back quickly on Mitch.
Raul: [Laughs] Yeah, I know! It’s a little hard. I just felt that he hurt me a lot. I opened up about my game to him. I had no idea he was in an alliance with Joel or Loveita. He never opened up to me the same way Jared and Kelsey did to me. I think I played more emotionally when it came to Mitch.

What are you looking forward to watching from this season?
Joel: One particular moment for me that I’m definitely looking forward to watching is the episode where Mitch won Head of Household. I knew the kind of pressure I was under where I was the swing vote — the vote that saved Cassandra and ended Christine’s game.

Was Christine as mean in the house as she appeared on TV?
Raul: Christine can be a little mean for sure!
Joel: Is she bitter towards me more because I was the one who sealed her fate? [Laughs]

Which brother deserves more of the prize money?
Raul: Nick.
Joel: Nick! [Laughs] I know Phil was the super fan of the show, but Nick was more level headed and saw things much more clearer. Nick was the one who wanted to put up Tim and Cassandra at Final 6. Nick saw the game through a clearer perspective… Except for when Nick wanted to nominated themselves! That would have gone down as a pretty crazy move.

Favourite moment?
Joel: Winning HOH on Day 21.
Raul: Seeing everybody naked!

Worst moment?
Joel: Blowing up my game two days before my eviction.
Raul: Evicting Mitch.

Who was the most annoying?
Raul: Cassandra!
Joel: Christine.

Most attractive?
Joel: Loveita.
Raul: The brothers.

Who was the funniest?
Joel: Dallas.
Raul: Me… Dallas!

Who should have won?
Joel: Tim.
Raul: Tim.


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