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Big Brother Canada Exit Interview: Jedson Tavernier

jedson tavernier big brother canada exit interview
jedson tavernier big brother canada exit interview

Aurora, Ontario’s Jedson Tavernier is the latest Big Brother Canada houseguest to join the jury house after losing his way back into the house following Thursday’s fake double eviction episode. We had the opportunity to speak with Jedson from the jury house to discuss the betrayal of being evicted the way he did, what are the chances of a relationship with Beth outside the game and how he hopes to see join him in the jury house.

How blindsided were you by being back doored? By using your own veto on Beth, you thought that you were safe.

I was pretty blindsided. I knew that by doing that move, I left myself in a very vulnerable position, but I thought that I had that strong loyalty from my alliance. All three of the voters were in my alliance. In my head, it was a no brainer. I thought they’d vote for me to stay.

How do you feel about Beth now?

My feelings for Beth are the exact same. I don’t have any animosity. Our personal relationship never wavered. It’s been very strong throughout the entire game and it continues to be. I think that in her mind, she knew that if she wanted to win this game, she’d have to get me out eventually. I don’t think she wanted to do it in that moment because of the nature of the move – it was very dirty. I think that at the end of the day, if that’s what everyone was doing, she had to go along with the ride. She had to save face for her own game. She had to do it and I respect it.

Do you wish to pursue a relationship with Beth once the game is over?

It’s something that we’re definitely going to explore and do our thing.  See what happens. She lives across the country. I do think that we have a deep connection – it’s very strong and it grew throughout our time in the house. I really did appreciate having her in the house and it got me where I wanted to in the game. We kept saying that once we both left [the house], we’d keep in touch after, have a couple of visits, and see where what happens.

Tera revealed to you that Kiefer was the mastermind behind your eviction. What are your thoughts on that?

Initially, I was surprised… But not surprised. Kiefer is a super smart player. He knows the game in and out. He had been orchestrating these mastermind, elaborate, plans throughout the entire game. Even all the way back to Week 2, when Josh was fighting for his life. He orchestrated a Final 7 for him to propose and it almost worked! I saw that he was really good at orchestrating these plans, but I didn’t think that he’d do it to me because we were so close. When I did find out it was him, I wasn’t too surprised.

How are you feeling in jury now that you’ve had time to think about the moves made?

Obviously, there’s a lot of “what if’s” running through your head. Hindsight is 20/20 when you look back. When I look back on the moves that I made, I know that I probably shouldn’t have put Kiefer up on the block when I was HOH. I burned that bridge with him. He’s an emotional player and I should have known he would have held on to that and pulled something off against me.

I don’t regret using the veto on Beth. I’m going to put the team before myself. That’s just the kind of person I am in my day-to-day life. I’m very selfless. So, in that moment, it wasn’t a big debate for me. It was to keep the squad together and to use the veto on Beth. That’s exactly what I did.

Had I not burned that bridge with Kiefer, he may have been more willing to keep me in the game. I think that’s where I messed up.

What are your feelings on Tychon now?

Ty, obviously, it was a tough one. He had been my “day one,” and my boy the whole game. He was my brother, but I knew that he wanted to win this game superbad. He knew that he couldn’t beat me. He knew he couldn’t beat me in the competitions or at the end. His resume isn’t good. I knew that eventually, he’d have to take a shot at me, but I thought he’d have a little more respect when it came down to it – man to man, “listen, this has to be done on a game level. We have to send you home.” At the end, he lied and kept up the façade that he was keeping me all week to try to keep me comfortable. I knew from Beth’s information that he was the one who was wavering to send me home.

I just wish Tychon had more respect on that level. At the end of the day, it’s the game. Our relationship will be strong [outside of the house], no matter what.

Has your perspective on Tera changed at all after you were both able to connect for the short while before you had to battle your way back into the house?

Yeah, one hundred percent. Tera and I have had a rocky road this entire game. But, at the end of the day, I knew that our personal relationship was very strong. We’re very similar. We have the same mentality and have had some deep chats about our personal lives. I’ve always loved her on a personal level, but in the game, we didn’t see eye to eye. She was always coming after me and I was always coming after her.

In that HOH room, before the battle back, we had a solid conversation where we were both vulnerable and able to just speak freely and objectively. I gained a lot of respect for her and her game. She was giving me a lot of advice as if she wasn’t going back into the house. I told her, “Be confident. You can win this too! If you get back in, you need to make some big moves.”

I’m really rooting for Tera now. I never thought I’d say it, but I really do want her to get to the end. If you asked me two weeks ago, I would have said “Hell no. I’m voting her out!” But right now, I’m hoping she does get to the end and if she makes a couple of more big moves, she could have my vote.

Who are you hoping to see join you in jury next?

Oh, I would love to see my family… Tychon! [Laughs] He’s the guy. If I saw him walk through the door, I would just have to laugh. It would be funny because he got me out. He was one of the swing votes in getting me out. He did the move to put himself in a better position to win, so it would be kind of funny if he walked in [next]. It would be karma.

We’re also at that personal level where, as brothers and best friends, he’d be able to take it if he walks through this door.

You mentioned that you hope Tera makes it to the very end, is there anyone else?

Yes, I would love to see Beth make it to the end as well. I have her best interest in mind and hope that she does well. We played this game as a unit, so I kind of see her as an extension of myself in the game. I think that by me using the veto to save her, if she makes it to the end, I could say, “Hey, I helped you get there.” I’ll live vicariously through her if she wins!

I do hope Beth gets to the end, if not her, then it would definitely have to be Kiefer just because he has played the best game and I really do respect it. He has done some crazy things and has made some big moves. Overall, I think that he deserves to be in the end.

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