Big Brother Canada Wrap Up: Demetres Giannitsos

big brother canada demetres giannitsos

We chat with Demetres Giannitsos following the Big Brother Canada season five finale. See what Demetres has to say about his “real” feelings for Ika, playing with the vets as well as what he considers his best move in the game.

Your feelings for Ika seem real.

The feelings are definitely real. As for after the show, we’re waiting until all this is kinda over and we’re going to talk about it.

Ika saving you in week one shaped this entire season.

Yeah, it really did. I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere without her.

What was it like playing with the vets?

It was fun at the start. You’re like “These guys are awesome,” but then you slowly start to see the holes in the vets and they don’t trust anybody. It was to their own detriment. They didn’t trust each other. I felt that Ika and I were the only two people in the house who trusted each other.

What was the hardest challenge you played in?

That Heavy Rotation… It was a lot of pain. I know a lot of people have been saying Buzzkill, but I went out first, so I don’t have a say. The comps were so real. You have no idea… watching them on TV just doesn’t do them justice. They are so hard.

What was your easiest competition?

Ball to the wall! You just kick a ball to the wall. I can kick balls for days. I’ve been playing soccer since I was a kind.

What was your best move?

Lining up with Ika. Honestly, it is impossible to find two people who trust each other 100% in the game like we did. We played the game together and even though it made us a big target, it got us very far.

Was there any move that you guys may have made that you might regret now?

No. Not one. To be honest, I can’t look back at one move… I did feel bad for putting up Karen as a replacement nominee but honestly, that was just to ensure that Bruno went home. It was the right move. That’s the one move that I can look back and feel bad about. I like Karen.

She was sweet on you guys.

We were a good trio.

Check out Demetres answer Rapid Fire questions below!


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