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Big Brother Canada Exit Interview: Tola Eam

tola eam big brother canada exit interview season 12

Tola Eam, the 40-year-old fiber optic technician from Ottawa, Ontario, was the second houseguest to be evicted during the April 24th special “Double Eviction” episode of Big Brother Canada. The TV Watercooler had the opportunity to chat with Tola following his eviction to discuss whether or not he thinks Anthony and Victoria will make it to Final 2, who he hopes joins him in jury next, and what he’s looking forward to discussing with the other members of the jury.

Why didn’t you try to ask Todd to use the Veto on you?

I knew that he wasn’t going to use it on me. In that moment, I look at him and gave him a hug. But he wasn’t really making eye contact with me, so I just knew. He really doesn’t make his own decisions.

Did Anthony talk to you about how he was going to vote? Were you surprised at all by the side in which he remained loyal towards?

I wasn’t surprised. I knew that things had to get done. And if it’s better for his game not to vote for me to stay in the house, then I respect that. It’s just part of the game.

Do you think Victoria and Anthony will go ahead to the Final 2 or do you think any of the other houseguests will step up and try to get them out?

No, I don’t think that they’ll both make it to the Final 2 together. I don’t see that [happening] at all.

If I had won HOH, I would have targeted Victoria and made that move. I think that their time [working together] is going to come to an end. I don’t see Victoria going to the end, but I do see Anthony going to Final 2, and I don’t see them working together.

Who do you hope joins you next in jury?

I hope that Bayleigh joins me in jury. I need to see that girl in jury with me! That’s it! I don’t care about the rest! I need to see Bayleigh in jury. I don’t want that girl going to the end.

What are you the most excited to discuss with the other jury members?

I’m excited to discuss their gameplay! What their intentions were, what their moves.

I want to see who was really trying to get me out, because everybody wanted me out and I just want to see who had a hand in what.

As a member of the jury, what qualities are you looking for in terms of crowning a winner?

I am looking for someone who stayed loyal and true to their words. I understand that this game involved a little bit of betrayal, but it’s how the betrayal was executed. That’s what I’m looking for!

What was your favourite memory from inside the house?

One of my favourite memories was when I won a POV and gave a shoutout to my family. I was like, “This is it!” It has always been a goal of mine, and a dream of mine, to play and win in the POV, and that was the first time that I did it.

It was an amazing experience. I feel like that was one of my most memorable and favourite moments!  

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