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brett big brother exit interview

Brett Robinson was the second houseguest to be evicted during Thursday (September 13) night’s double eviction episode of Big Brother. We caught up with Brett before he was sent to the jury house to chat about Angela’s influence on Tyler, who is playing the weakest game and who he’d like to see make it to the end of the game.

How blindsided were you by the move to remove JC from the block and put you up instead?

I wasn’t blindsided… I felt it coming. I felt the tension from Angela all week. I knew it was a 50/50 chance between me and Kaycee on who Tyler would pick. I had a strong inkling that it was going to happen — it was just who won the veto.

Why do you think Tyler and Angela went that route? The “2-step” part in their speech must have stung. Was it warranted?

I think that Tyler only went that route because Angela won that veto. Tyler probably had another deal with Kaycee and thought he could win over her. I didn’t have any blood on my hands, and maybe he thought he couldn’t win jury votes over me. Also, I think Tyler is a young guy who fell for a pretty girl, and maybe he couldn’t see past that.

You said you respected the game move, but do you think there was a bigger threat for Tyler to get rid of this week?

Yeah, absolutely. I do respect the game move and I get it because Angela won the veto. I think Angela and Kaycee were the bigger threats to break up because I think they will be loyal to each other over Tyler.

Out of those remaining in the house, who do you think has played the weakest game?

I feel like Angela is not even playing a game. She is just kind of there and she got lucky because she is a pretty girl and Tyler chose her [in]there, and she became close friends with Kaycee. I think she got lucky in those aspects.

How much of an influence do you think Angela had over Tyler when it came to putting you up?

100% influence. I think she had a strong influence, but the stronger influence is that she won the veto. In another scenario, maybe she would have gone up as the replacement nominee.

Who do you think Tyler will turn on next?

I think the next person that Tyler is going to turn on is [either]Angela or Kaycee, because he could win any competition over Sam or JC.

Is there someone you’d like to see go far?

I wouldn’t mind if Kaycee goes far, but I would be thrilled if Sam and JC go far. They are great people and they deserve it.

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  1. “I think Angela is not even playing the game” says the guy who won one competition while she has won 3 HOHs + multiple vetos and a comp the first week. What a joke. This jury is rightfully going to be ridiculed for their stupidity when this is all over.

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