Coronation Street Preview: Week of July 8

coronation street spoilers canada week of july 8 2019

coronation street spoilers canada week of july 8 2019

On Monday’s (July 8) double-header: Robert assures Vicky that he and Michelle are history. Steve and Tim build a wardrobe for Amy. Adam notices a bruise on Sarah’s arm. Gemma arranges to meet a reporter. Steve thinks a surprise party is in the works. A suspicious Ryan quizzes Robert.

Tuesday (July 9): Tracy rushes to Yasmeen’s aid. Michelle assumes Robert is making wedding plans. Sarah gives Gary a warning. 

Wednesday (July 10): Steve has an idea involving Tiny and unicorns. Gail suggests a spa night to Maria. Rick’s daughter arrives looking for her dad. 

Thursday (July 11): Yasmeen, Cathy, and Brian attend a self-defence class. Gary’s resigned to making a go of his new career. Alya falls asleep on the sofa oblivious to what’s going on around her. 

Friday (July 12): Yasmeen divers her jewellery and photographs missing. Maria receives a call from Liam’s school. Audrey collapses.

Coming up on Coronation Street during the week of June 15:

  • Alya accuses Geoff of stealing.
  • Carla visits the community centre.
  • Maria remains oblivious to Ali’s admiring glances.
  • Beth drops a bomshell.
  • David warns Nick not to get on the wrong side of his cellmate.

Coronation Street airs weeknights on CBC, with an omnibus edition airing Sunday mornings. You can also catch up via the CBC Gem app and online at


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