Coronation Street Preview: Steve Reveals His True Feelings

coronation street spoilers canada week of November 23 2020
coronation street spoilers canada week of November 23 2020

This week on Coronation Street in Canada, Leanne, Nick, Steve and Tracy are drained by the court hearing. Carla and Peter return from holiday.

Monday (November 23)

Kirk has a quiz for the factory gang. When Steve returns home in a strange mood, Tracy smells a rat. Drunken Paul offers the bishop a beer.

Tuesday (November 24)

Steve and Leanne head off for their day in court. Peter and Carla arrive back from their holiday. Billy implores Paul not to let Todd get to him. The factory girls gossip about Adam’s designs on Alina.

Wednesday (November 25)

Alina discovers that Adam is married to Sarah. Nick arrives at Oliver’s bedside. Emma and Amy have a gift for Simon. The hearing ends leaving Steve and Leanne emotionally drained.

Thursday (November 26)

Steve and Leanne had back to court. Nick also arrives in court. The judge delivers her statement regarding Oliver’s situation. 

Friday (November 27) – Part 1

Leanne announces that she wants to launch an appeal. Natasha invites herself to Nick’s flat. Steve reveals his true feelings to Leanne.

Friday (November 27) – Part 2

Ray decides to step up the security across his hotels and restaurants. Leanne meets up with Imran and Elliot to discuss her appeal. A thug approaches Peter in his cab.

Coming up on Coronation Street during the week of November 30:

  • Abi is shocked to realize Peter is drinking again.
  • Ray threatens Craig.
  • Summer returns home.
  • Tim decides to testify against Geoff.
  • Carla finds Jenny in tears.

Coronation Street airs weeknights (with 2 episodes on Fridays) on CBC. An omnibus edition also airs Sunday mornings. You can also catch up via the CBC Gem app and online at


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