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The Traitors Canada Premieres on CTV

stream the traitors canada season 1

The English-language version of The Traitors Canada is set to premiere this Monday, October 2 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on CTV.

Based on a format originally developed in the Netherlands, The Traitors Canada will house 20 players in a historic manor in the Montreal area where they’ll compete in a series of missions with the goal of building and winning a cash prize fund of up to $100,000. Hidden amongst the “Faithful” contestants are “Traitors,” who attempt to deceive, manipulate, and eliminate the Faithful and claim the prize for themselves instead of sharing it with the rest of the group.

stream the traitors canada season 1

Under the veil of darkness, the devious Traitors “murder” the Faithful one by one in a treacherous spree while the players try to uncover the Traitors and banish them from the game. If the Faithful contestants banish all the Traitors, they’ll share the final prize, but if a Traitor makes it to the end, they get to walk away with all the money.

stream the traitors canada season 1

The Traitors Canada will be hosted by Karine Vanasse (Plan B, Cardinal, Revenge), who will also host the Quebecois version (Les Traîtres), set to debut on Noovo in 2024.

Contestants include a psychic medium, a high school teacher, a magician/mentalist, a pediatric registered nurse, a firefighter, a Twitch streamer and a number of familiar Canadian TV faces – former MuchMusic VJ and ET Canada host Rick Campanelli aka “Rick the Temp,” Farming for Love’s Gurleen Maan, Big Brother Canada season 5 winner Kevin Martin, Big Brother Canada season 11 player Kuzie Mujakachi, Masterchef Canada seasons 4 and 7 contestant Mai Nguyen, The Amazing Race Canada season 2 winner Mickey Henry, and Canada’s Drag Race season 3 contestant Miss Fiercalicious. To learn more about The Traitors Canada contestants, click here.

The Traitors Canada will air Mondays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on CTV, and the CTV app, beginning October 2. Canadian fans of The Traitors franchise can stream International versions of the show on Crave, including the UK, Australian, American, and New Zealand editions.  


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