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Big Brother Canada Exit Interview: Victoria “Spicy Vee” Woghiren

victoria woghiren big brother canada exit interview season 12

Victoria “Spicy Vee” Woghiren, the 30-year-old social worker from Hamilton, Ontario, and the Big Brother Canada All-Star from Season 9, was the latest houseguest to join the jury this week. The TV Watercooler had the opportunity to speak with Victoria following her shocking eviction to discuss why she still wants Bayleigh to win, how she won’t be a bitter jury member (but still thinks Anthony is “trash”), and if she really did throw those competitions!

You’ve had some time since the eviction to process what went down. Have your feelings towards Anthony softened at all?

Like, a little bit. I’m still really disappointed, confused, and shocked! I definitely am going to need some answers [from Anthony]. I think I could have beat him in the end.

I’m trying to look at the big picture of the game and how it was the right move for him, but I just can’t get over the fact that I would have had his back and he didn’t have mine. So for him to put me up with fake reasoning and without any time to talk it out, is just unacceptable.

You revealed the ‘Hot Chocolate’ alliance before you left.

I did!

How negatively do you think that will impact the remaining alliance members in the house?

I don’t think it’s going to do as much damage as I wanted it to do, but I do hope it at least put a question mark [out there] for Todd and Bayleigh to make them think, “Oh, there’s more going on that we know!”

I hope that it scares them, and that they can’t trust Anthony and Lexus the same way that they think they can. I hope they heard me, and I hope that it does a little something!

Can you share with us anything else that you did to blow up Anthony’s game before you left?

Honestly, not really. I was at the point where I just cared about talking to Anthony and trying to understand why he was doing this move. It was more about me and Anthony. I should have [sent that time] talking more to the other houseguests, trying to save my game.

I was just so shocked and betrayed that I needed to understand why. And he wasn’t giving that to me.

I did tell people that he was fake and told them, on the way out, that if they want to win this game, they’ve got to take out the trash! The trash being Anthony!

Other than your eviction, what do you think were Anthony’s strongest moves or notches in his resume?

Honestly, I think the fact that he was able to throw so many competitions knowing that he was safe. That’s impressive. He had a social game where almost any other houseguest could win HOH and he felt like he wasn’t going up. Must have been a very good feeling!

You were rooting for Bayleigh during your exit interview with Arisa. Is that still the outcome you are hoping for? What’s your game plan for jury?

Yeah, I definitely hope that Bayleigh wins. I mean, she’s played a really good Big Brother game. She’s made alliances. She’s won competitions. She’s been at the bottom. She’s been on the top. She’s really been through it! And – I think that she has played a pretty honest and respectable game.

When it comes to voting [at the end], I’m not going to be a bitter jury member. I’ll vote for whoever can go up there and explain their game, all their moves, and everything that they’ve done.

I don’t want to see them hiding behind lies, or other peoples’ words and moves. I want to see why you’re sitting there and what you’ve done. No bullshit!

How easy was it to control all the newbies?

Oh, my God. I’ve never looked at it like that at all. I don’t even think I tried to do that. I was really trying to make genuine relationships with them. Even though I was coming in as an All-Star, I very much felt like a newbie myself! It was a new cast, new theme, new comps!

I was really just trying to build relationships because coming into the game for the second time, I know that there’s only one winner and you know that chances of being the winner are slim, so you’ve got to take other wins from the game – which are the relationships, the memories, and just being in the Big Brother Canada house.

So, I never really tried to control the newbies. I was just trying to befriend them, to be honest.

Did you really throw those competitions? You got so lucky!

I did! I definitely did! So, for some of those, for sure. I, in no way, was trying to win that double. I put “1234” for crying out loud! I was not trying to win that. That’s the truth!

What are you the most excited to discuss with the other jury members?

[I’m interested in us] putting the pieces together. I’m really curious to see if anyone else felt betrayed by Anthony, or was it just me?

I also want to know about which alliances that maybe I didn’t know about.

When you walk out of those doors, it’s like a weight is lifted off of you. There’s no need to lie anymore. Now, it’s about doing our job, putting the pieces together and figuring out who is playing the best game.

You’ve touched on it a bit, but as a member of the jury, what qualities are you looking for in terms of crowning a winner?

I want someone who has been playing the game, not someone who has been sitting around doing nothing and decided in the last ten competitions they wanted to play! I want someone who has been playing from the beginning and has made big moves – and I want to know the real reasons as to why they made those moves. I don’t want them lying to me or covering things up. I want the truth!

I don’t want to hear “You said this week four and got out Matt.” No! we could have talked about that during the last 30 days! I want to know the real reason you put me on that block!

What was your favourite memory from inside the house?

Oh my God, I’ve always wanted to go on a secret mission, so getting to go on a secret mission and run around the house and make fun of people and steal their water bottles, that was super cool! It’s just been a dream of mine that I’ve always had.

On my first season, I was the first-ever Invisible H.O.H., and on this season, I got to be the first-ever Executive Power of Veto holder, so that was pretty awesome!

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