Soap News: Is Nikki leaving Y&R? GH’s Rick Hearst jumps back to B&B and tragedy strikes ATWT quad


Another Y&R contract scandal…TV Guide Canada’s Nelson Branco is reporting that Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki) was asked to accept a pay cut, however she refused and now the show has asked the actress to go recurring. Check out Branco’s insight into the whole situation here. Hopefully, a proper deal that will keep Nikki around for good will be reached soon. Last month, Jess Walton (Jill) went through negotiations and almost walked.

— In case you missed it, ET Canada caught up with Melody Thomas Scott during a set visit where she reunited with her former co-stars Heather Tom (ex-Victoria) and Don Diamont (ex-Brad). Watch the full length clip here.

— Huge rumor out there that when Raul (David Lago) comes back to Y&R this Friday, it will be revealed that he and Mac (Clementine Ford) have been having an affair while in Darfur and he’ll ask her to marry him.

— Y&R’s Lily (Christel Khalil) and Cane (Daniel Goddard) tie the knot this week…the boring couple might get interesting when viewers learn that Cane’s got a big secret. Could it have to do with those shady phone calls he used to make when he first arrived in town?

Soap vet Rick Hearst is returning to The Bold and the Beautiful on July 17th as Brooke’s ex-husband Whip Jones. The actor was recently downgraded to recurring status on General Hospital, where’s he’s been playing Ric Lansing since 2002.  The soap vet also played Alan Michael Spaulding on Guiding Light as well as the nasty Matt Clark #2 on The Young and the Restless. Once Matt Clark was killed off Y&R, Hearst signed on to play Whip on B&B in 2002. If you don’t remember his character, Whip posed as Brooke’s baby daddy when she was pregnant with Hope…whose real father was Brooke then-son-in-law Deacon. Whip will return to B&B when Stephanie hires him away from Forrester International to begin work on a PR campaign for Jackie M. As for Heart’s GH exit…well with it being dark and gloomy GH, expect Ric to pop up in the morgue sometime in June. As we all know, in Guza’s GH universe, people don’t just leave town alive.

— An altercation with Katie (Terri Colombino) will cause devastating results for Vienna (Ewa Da Cruz) and her baby next week on As The World Turns. Vienna agreed to carry Brad (Austin Peck) and Katie’s baby when they couldn’t conceive on their own; however Vienna’s really carrying her husband Henry’s (Trent Dawson) baby. Overall, it’s going to be pretty emotional for this quad of best friends. If you’ve tuned out recently due to the horrible casting changes and storylines, this might be a good time to pop in for a quick visit.

— A casting move that is probably pissing off GH…Tom Pelphrey has agreed to return to Guiding Light this summer as Jonathan. GH has been perusing Pelphrey to join the show as Dante for the past six months. It’s pretty funny when an actor opts to return to a show that has already been cancelled in favor of one that is horribly written.

— Meanwhile, Sonny’s other kids are getting aged. Lexi Ainsworth has been cast as a 16 year old Kristina who will be quite the troublemaker while Aaron Refvem will play an 8 year old Morgan.

Upcoming Spoilers:

All My Children: Angie and Jake work together to save Ian. Opal warns Ryan. Aidan searches for Annie. Kendall becomes suspicious of Erica. Liza confides in Jake while also defending herself to Colby.

As The World Turns: Meg proposes to Paul, but also gets some attention from Damian. Jack decides to move the kids out. Rosanna returns on Wednesday, May 20th.

The Bold and the Beautiful: Nick gives Owen a warning about dating Bridget. Ridge turns to Taylor and they share a kiss. Owen and Jackie’s affair becomes public knowledge. Bill makes a play for Donna.

Days Of Our Lives: Rafe wants to adopt Grace. Philip tries to convince Victor to trade Stefano for Stephanie (why would Patch and Kayla name their daughter Stephanie when it’s so close to Stefano?). Will confides in Mia about his fight with Sami. Owen doesn’t want to give Stephanie to E.J. Daniel and Lucas both dream about Chloe (this is still going on?). Bo and Victor argue. Rafe and Sami have a run in with Nicole. Kate sees Daniel and Chloe together.

General Hospital: Alexis walks in on Nikolas and Rebecca. Jason tells Claudia that he knows what she did. Michael wakes up with Lulu by his side. Michael is angry with Carly. Johnny and Olivia hook up. Holly reveals that Luke is Ethan’s father. Lucky and Lulu argue over Ethan. Claudia confronts Olivia about Johnny. Lucky demands answers from Holly.

Guiding Light: Remy is tempted to gamble. Josh worries about Reva when she gets an update on her cancer. Bill asks Ashlee to be the wedding planner. James asks Daisy to leave Springfield with him.

One Life To Live: Those ho’s, The Pussycat Dolls, perform today. Kyle messes with Stacy. Marty and Cole reunite. Blair and Tea are in danger. Natalie and Jared have news for Viki and Clint.

The Young and the Restless: Besides what I’ve already spoiled about Raul and Cane/Lily…Neil’s Aunt Virginia is in town for the “Lane” (more like “Lame”) wedding and has some shocking news for Devon. Olivia and Victor continue to worry about Ashley. Jana is suspicious of Daniel. Phillip Chancellor IV returns to Genoa City which not only impacts his family but the family business.


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  1. I am sick of watching scenes of Adam/Sharon. it is an insult to women to think Sharon would even consider trusting him. Y & R has become to disfunctional. Relationships don’t even get started before they are in trouble. Needs more real life happy lives. I can’t think of a happy couple. Rather depressing! Time to change. I have watched since begining but might quit because of the short dysfunctional relationships. Would love to see Sharon and Nick as the constant solid couple.

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