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— It took a year, but Less Than Kind is finally back on television. HBO Canada has acquired the Winnipeg-based and shot series from Citytv and will premiere its second season tonight at 8:30pm. Tonight’s episode picks up from where the season finale left off, Sheldon and his family rushes his father, Sam, to the hospital after he suffers a heart attack.

— Movieline compares the last season of Lost to that of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its pretty convincing. You’ve got your shape-shifting big bad, conflicted blond anti-hero and a morally gray character that is forced to stab people.

— Now that Lost is bringing Maggie Grace back, I just might watch.

Conan O’Brien’s reps have told the Hollywood Reporter that he’ll be getting ready for a tour. Let’s hope he comes to Canada.

Tina Fey will be hosting Saturday Night Live again in April. Which is great and all, but how long before they ask Betty White?

— We’ve got a brand new podcast for you! In this week’s edition of the TV Casualty Podcast, Kat and I discuss the season premiere of The Amazing Race and our mutual love for Community. Later, Jen stops by to discuss this week’s episode of Lost. You can check it out here.

— Here’s a clip of Juliette Lewis from a recent episode of The Hour where she totally knew bloggers would make fun of her ridiculously giant flower scarf she’s wearing. So here you go Jules. Anyway, I spent most of my childhood hating Juliette because how horrible she treated Uncle Buck. Well, I recently realized that Juliette Lewis wasn’t even in that film and that I had spent twenty years hating/being afraid of her for no reason at all. Juliette, I’m sorry. I should have known better, even as a five-year old.



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