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Soap Spoilers: Catfights, Paternity Reveals, Returns and more

For the week of February 22, 2010:

All My Children (ABC/A)
Scott brings Annie back to reality and later confronts Colby. Ryan feels hurt by Greenlee’s words. Angie and Jesse try to reconnect. Damon tells Liza that Bailey is staying at her parents’ house with Stuart. Tad catches JR after he collapses. Gayle seeks revenge on David. Brooke (Julia Barr) returns on Tuesday, Feb. 23rd. Annie tells Brooke a lie about the editor-in-chief position. Greenlee and David set out to get married. Damon apologizes to Liza. Adam reveals that he has a son, Miguel from a one-night stand. Miguel proves to be a donor match for JR. Greenlee wonders about the relationship between David and Erica. Miguel fails to turn up in Pine Valley as JR’s condition takes a turn for the worse. Jake and Ryan form a plan to take down David.
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As The World Turns (CBS/Global)
Holden is arrested while Lily doesn’t know what to believe. Carly is shocked by Jack and Janet’s news (that they’re planning on having a baby). Molly and Lily try to free Holden. Dusty does his best to convince Janet that they belong together. Mick is threatened. Reid prepares to leave Oakdale. Craig’s got a shady new business partner, Ellis (Kurt McKinney; ex-Matt, GL). Craig and Ellis plot to embezzle money from Parker’s trust fund. Emily gets Paul to pay attention to her. Alison’s admissions leave Casey stunned. Henry and Barbara’s argument ends in passion. Reid and Luke help each other. Dusty shares an idea with liberty. Carly tells Jack a secret.

The Bold and the Beautiful (CBS/A during the Olympics)
Stephanie gloats over the fact that the Logan sisters are left out of the new Forrester deal. Eric makes a surprising offer to Stephanie. Donna lashes out at Steffy. Nick is kind to Stephanie. Whip and Stephanie become involved when Brooke tries to sway Taylor to do things her way. Nick tries to smooth things over between Bridget and Aggie by inviting Aggie over for dinner. Taylor makes her feelings on Brooke publicly known. Hope and Steffy try to defend their mothers. Bridget lashes out at Aggie and then watches her fall in horror. Brooke and Taylor’s argument over Ridge escalates into a catfight.

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* Reminder that B&B will air on ‘A’ instead of CTV due to the Olympics. Airing at 2pm instead of 1:30pm.

Days of our Lives (NBC/Global)
Daniel assures Melanie that she’s safe. Bo confronts Victor about Vivian. Rafe thinks that Sydney is still alive and tells Sami that he’ll find the abductors and bring them to justice. Melanie recalls her interactions with Carly. Daniel wants Chloe to see a therapist. Mia vows to get Chad back. EJ tells Stefano that he’s leaving Salem. Bo and Hope share a close moment. Melanie confronts Carly about the identity of her father…it’s Daniel! EJ finds Rafe and Sami in bed together. Philip believes that Vivian intended on killing Melanie.

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General Hospital (ABC/A)
Maxie gives Lucky some advice regarding Elizabeth. Jason meets Dante on the hospital rooftop. Maxie questions Dante about his relationship with Lulu. Olivia tells Johnny she doesn’t want any part in the mob. Dahlia Salem (ex-Sofia, AW) makes her debut on Tuesday as Claire (a federal prosecutor). The show will finally update its opening credits on Tuesday as well (12,000th episode). Johnny hijacks Sonny’s shipment. Diane convinces Sonny to plead not guilty. Patrick overhears Steve ask Lisa out on a date. Dante is subpoenaed to testify at Sonny’s arraignment. Tracy advises Lulu to stay away from Dante. Claire grills Dante on the witness stand. Robin talks to Dante. Alexis decides to help Sonny. Nikolas asks Elizabeth to take a paternity test. Jax wants to make sure Sonny is convicted. Luke is concerned about Ethan, but he decides to live dangerously after he gets an offer from Johnny.

No new GH preview yet, but here’s the first version of the 2004 opening:

One Life to Live (ABC/SunTV)
Schuyler stuns Gigi after announce he is Sierra Rose’s father. Jessica’s family learn about her condition. Greg and Rachel get intimate. Blair tries to fight off Todd’s advances. Rachel looks to Tea for legal advice. Roxy attempts to play matchmaker with Rex and Gigi. Ford puts the moves on Langston. Bo, Nora and Matthew attend a Snoop Dogg concert. Brody tries to jog Jessica’s memory. Jack and Danielle get off on a shaky start. Jessica kisses Cristian. John tells Marty that he loves her. Starr thinks Langston is keeping a secret. Andrew drops by Dorian’s place with some bad news. Mitch has a surprise visitor.

The Young and the Restless (CBS/Global)
Katherine discovers Tucker’s secret. JT and Victoria argue. Sharon makes a sudden decision. Chance and Kevin clash when it appears that Jana may have left Kevin on her own free will. Victor reminds Adam who is in control. Daisy torments Jana. Emily/Patty plans a surprise for Jack. Cane is detained by an immigration agent. Phyllis and Nick tell Victor about Dr. Taylor and Adam. Delia’s first birthday party brings everyone together. Billy and Victoria share a kiss. Adam decides to stay in Genoa City because of Sharon. Lauren questions Daisy. Jack challenges Victor in court. Diane Jenkins (Susan Walters) returns to town and clashes with Phyllis.

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No new promo yet for Y&R, so here’s a clip of a classic catfight between Phyllis and Diane:


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