Soap News: DAYS’ Jennifer faces danger on Smith Island – Plus: Is Y&R’s Cassie lookalike really Mariah?

days jennifer liam

days jennifer liam

— This week on Days of our Lives, after discovering that the prescription bottle she found in Daniel’s (Shawn Christian) apartment is the real deal, Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) heads to the Horton cabin on Smith Island to clear her mind. Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) arrives to talk to his sister about Daniel, but she shuts him out.

With Daniel trying to get the proof that Theresa (Jen Lilley) set him up, Nicole (Arianne Zucker)sets her suspicions on Liam (Mark Collier) and tracks down his ex-wife Debra (Alicia Leigh Willis), who leads Nicole to Liam’s safety deposit box. Will Nicole be able to uncover the truth about Daniel’s drugging? Or will Liam successfully keep her quiet?

Look for Liam to show up on Smith Island on the Friday, April 25th episode and corner Jennifer.

My take: Make this Liam dude Peter Blake (post-plastic surgery, of course). I’ve been saying this for weeks now. Play off that history rather than making Collier’s character a random psycho.

— Attention The Young and the Restless fans in Toronto: Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki) will be returning to town next month. The actress will be appearing at The Bay’s Yorkdale location from 2 p.m. until 3:30 p.m. in the cosmetics department (main level) on Saturday, May 10th. The next day, she’ll be at OLG Slots at Woodbine from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.

— Congratulations to Days of our LivesBryan Dattilo (Lucas). The actor announced that he and wife Elizabeth are expecting a child together this summer. Click here to read my most recent interview with Bryan along with some of the other DAYS cast members when they were in Toronto last month.

— Look for Chad DiMera to head back to Salem this fall. DAYS star Greg Vaughan (Eric) uploaded a photo of his script to Instagram this morning, which featured Chad appearing alongside other characters in an episode set to air in September. Could Casey Deidrick be reprises the role? Or will the role be recast? Stay tuned…

General Hospital is NOT recasting Sabrina when Teresa Castillo begins her maternity leave. Rather than confirm the casting breakdown, Soap Opera Digest was quick to speculate (and cause confusion online) that a recast was in the works when a casting call went out which sounded like a similar character. A GH rep finally confirmed to them that the character is not a Sabrina recast. So everyone, relax.

young and the restless cassie lookalike mariah

Rants & Raves: Is Cassie’s lookalike Mariah?

Could The Young and the RestlessCamryn Grimes be playing Mariah?

Mariah is Tyler’s (Redaric Williams) ex-girlfriend, often mentioned but never “really” seen. The mysterious character has been stalking Tyler for as long as Victor (Eric Braeden) hired Fake Cassie to gaslight Sharon (Sharon Case).

When Nick (Joshua Morrow) caught Cassie at the Newman ranch on the night of Tyler and Abby’s engagement party, she told him that she was there for “other reasons,” and not to gaslight Sharon that night. The only physical trait we’ve seen of the often-mentioned Mariah is a tattoo on her wrist – while Fake Cassie’s wrists have usually been covered up.

This twist could prove to be a good turnaround for the show’s struggling writing regime as it would give viewers a reason to care about the never-before-seen stalker and set up a juicy rivalry between Cassie’s lookalike and Abby (Melissa Ordway), who Mariah locked up in a grungy apartment overnight a few months back.

Good on the writers if they go ahead with this twist, it might make us actually care about the never-before-seen stalker and set up a rivalry between the Cassie lookalike and Abby (Melissa Ordway), who Mariah locked up in a grungy apartment overnight.

gh aj funeral sonny

What’s coming up:

The Bold and the Beautiful (CBS/CTV Two): Maya confronts Oliver.
Brooke tells Rick her plan to get Bill his company back. Hope tells Wyatt about Liam’s ultimatum. Aly and Oliver’s flirting goes unnoticed at a board meeting. Maya confronts Oliver about Aly. Quinn agrees to let Wyatt fight his own battles. Hope reveals her decision about Liam’s ultimatum. Oliver later convinces Aly to keep a very big secret.

Coronation Street (CBC/Hulu): Tina vows to win Peter back.
Owen falls apart. Sally and Kevin learn Maddie’s secret. Gary suffers a panic attack. Anna visits Phelan. Julie starts to see Todd in a new light. Izzy worries about Gary’s mental state. Steve apologizes to Andrew. Phelan makes Anna an offer. Tyrone receives a call from the police. Steve and Andrea explains themselves to Michelle and Lloyd. Tina vows to win Peter back. Fiz is worried about Ruby’s safety. Anna is in for a surprise. Tyrone asks Owen to change the locks. Maria worries that Marcus may try to take Liam. Sophie and Maddie become desperate for food. Roy notices that Anna seems troubled.

Days of our Lives (NBC/Global): Nicole tracks down Liam’s ex-wife.
The board agrees to reinstate Daniel. Nicole tracks down Liam’s ex-wife. Nick confronts Sonny. Daniel is unable to reach Jennifer. Eric shares his suspicions about Theresa to Nicole. Sami and Kate meet up to discuss Nick. JJ and Paige get closer, but could her university plans thwart their potential relationship? Nick and Gabi meet with Aidan to draw up Arianna’s custody agreement. Ben warns Rafe not to hurt his sister. Jennifer faces danger on Smith Island.

General Hospital (ABC/City): Sonny shows up to AJ’s funeral.
Franco tries to get close to Carlos in jail. Sonny walks in on “Luke” and Spencer. Port Charles gathers to pay their respects to AJ. Monica is upset when Sonny shows up at the funeral service. Anna and Nathan assess the aftermath of a dire situation. Spencer tells Sonny about Luke’s plans. Morgan defends Kiki. Sabrina and Patrick find out their baby might be at risk. Morgan faces the ultimate betrayal from Sonny. Ned, Morgan and Kiki create a plan.

The Young and the Restless (CBS/Global): Nick confronts Victor.
Nick confronts Victor about gaslighting Sharon with Cassie’s lookalike. Noah and Courtney make love. Christine and Paul ponder their future. Chelsea sees Billy in a new light. Victoria’s date with Stitch takes a surprising turn. Colin tries to make peace with Cane and Lily. Cane encourages Devon to go after Hilary. Jack’s relationship with Kelly troubles Summer. Jill’s path to happiness hits a major speed bump.


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