Soap News: General Hospital’s Billy Miller to guest star on Suits! Plus: This week’s teasers

billy miller guest stars on suits

billy miller guest staring on suits

General Hospital’s Billy Miller (Jason) will guest star on Suits when the Toronto-shot series returns for the continuation of its fourth season in January. Although Suits returns on Wednesday, January 28 at 10 p.m. on Bravo (in Canada) and USA Network (in the U.S.), there is no word yet when Miller will air or how many appearances he’ll have.

Billy Miller recently spoke about his taking over the role of Jason on GH from his former The Young and the Restless (where he played Billy) co-star Steve Burton (who’s now playing Dylan): “It would be ridiculous for me to mimic [the way Burton played him].” Fans have noticed that Miller’s portrayal of an amnesiac Jason (who’s going by Jake) is a lot more smiles and jokes. “It’s more fun in this genre whenever you can add some lightness to it or make it funny. You don’t get a lot of room for that so I usually look for it. It’s a scary position for this guy who is so lost and doesn’t know who he is, [so] you match that with a little bit of humour.”

What will happen when Jason remembers his past (whether it be the Morgan past or the Quartermaine past): “It really does offer up some great story if we decide to go there. I really hope that’s how we explore this because I feel like that might be more my strength.” Miller also adds that he’s looking forward to act opposite some more General Hospital stars including Maurice Benard (Sonny), Roger Howarth (Franco) as well as Anthony Geary’s Luke (or Fluke), adding that “I can’t wait for that acting class.”

In the next batch of General Hospital episodes featuring Jason/Jake, look for “Jake” to ID the visitor he had as Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers), prompting Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) to notify Anna (Finola Hughes). Meanwhile, Sam (Kelly Monaco) goes with her hutch about who “Jake” might really be.

— Billy Miller isn’t the only GH star with a primetime appearance; don’t forget that Roger Howarth will soon begin his recurring gig on The Flash.

— I’m hearing that both Rick Hearst (Ric) and Kimberly McCullough (Robin) will be back on General Hospital this December. Will Ric finally emerge out of the witness protection program? Could Robin be the one to cross paths with the real Luke? Because, you totally didn’t believe the Luke that Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) rescued last week was the real deal, right?

Days of our Lives stars Eric Martsolf (Brady) and Jen Lilley (Theresa) have recorded their own version of the Christmas class, “Baby It’s Cold Outside.” You can download it both iTunes and Google Play for $0.99.

Eileen Davidson (Ashley, The Young and the Restless; ex-Kristen, Days of our Lives) finally makes her debut on this week’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in the U.S. (Note: this episode airs next Tuesday on Slice in Canada).

— Be sure to check out our exclusive interview with The Young and the RestlessBryton James, who talks about his participation in next week’s charity event in Toronto which will benefit the March of Dimes Canada, the social stories he has worked on and the popularity of the Devon and Hilary pairing.


rena sofer bold and the beautiful

The Bold and the Beautiful (CTV Two/CBS): Quinn shows up at the baby shower.
Hope makes a stunning but heartbreaking realization regarding Liam. Quinn shows up (at Hope’s baby shower) where she’s not wanted despite Deacon’s warning. Quinn overhears how people really feel about her. Bill urges Wyatt to take a drastic step in order to make sure that Quinn doesn’t sabotage his marriage with Hope. Determined to get her marriage back on track, Caroline confronts Maya. Liam makes a solemn vow to Hope about her future. Quinn pays hope an unexpected visit.

coronation street canadian spoilers

Coronation Street (CBC/Hulu): Steve receives a diagnosis.
Michael and Gavin spend the day together. Norris finally tracks down his elusive parcel. The doctor diagnoses Steve and makes a suggestion. Liz wonders why Steve was unable to pick Amy up from school. Tracy and Beth sort through Rob’s things. Norris buys a computer. Dev does his best to sabotage Dominic’s date with Julie. Tyrone breaks the news to Steve about the cost of his car repairs. Tracy orders Todd back to work. Michael suffers a dizzy spell. Julie confronts Dev about the lies that he’s spreading. Beth buys a birthday present for Craig. Gavin confides in Steph about how confused he feels about Michael. Carla’s grateful for Beth’s act of kindness. Dev gives Mary a box of chocolates.

days of our lives spoilers eric nicole

Days of our Lives (Global/NBC): Melanie’s past catches up with her.
Jordan gets a surprise when she shows up to Clyde’s hotel room to confront him. Victor tries to be proactive about protective Sonny against Chad. Sonny finally hears from Will. Brady has a happy reunion with Melanie. Adrienne tells Sonny that she knows about his secret and gives him stern advice. Nicole tries to clarigy things with Eric. A furious Rafe confronts Kate. Hope’s thrown when she learns about an interesting tidbit about Aiden’s past from Chase. Melanie’s past catches up with her – leading to a dangerous situation for those around her. Melanie’s friend, Serena Mason (played by former One Life to Live star Bree Williamson) arrives in Salem and reacts strongly when she sees Marlena.

general hospital sam patrick spoilers

General Hospital (City/ABC): Patrick makes an admission to Sam.
Tracy reunites with “Luke.” Julian comes clean to Jordan. Silas confronts Ava. Dante and Anna learn some new information about Luke. Franco lets his guard down. Ned and Alexis are at odds. Alexis tells Molly the truth about Ric. Madeline threatens Liesl. Nikolas reels over a discovery. Patrick makes an admission to Sam. Liesl is stunned when she crosses paths with someone. Elizabeth tells Anna about Helena. “Jake” finds himself in a predicament. Sonny crosses paths with Johnny! Sabrina apologizes to Michael. “Jake” tries to find a job.

young and the restless victoria baby

The Young and the Restless (Global/CBS): Will Adam save Nick?
Billy is Katie’s father. Lauren is concerned about the building development that Joe has proposed to her. Adam and Sage find Nick in the bear trap. Dylan receives a threatening message. Maureen contacts Nikki. Michael receives his diagnoses. Kelly lashes out at Jack. Hilary’s plan to play matchmaker for Devon backfires.  Chelsea worries about her future with Billy. Phyllis shakes things up at Jabot. Joe mends fences with Avery. Adam returns to Genoa City. Stitch catches Ashley off guard.

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