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Dre Gwenaelle and William Laprise Desbiens were the next two evicted houseguests from Thursday night’s big triple eviction on Big Brother Canada. The “French Connection” chat about the effects Kevin may have had on their alliance, favourite moments and who deserves — and doesn’t deserve — to win and more!

So sorry to see you both go at once. You made French-speaking Canada proud. It was a pleasure to watch you both play and it was great that you remained so close throughout the game. What made each of you decide to play the game this season?

Dre: I have always been a fan of Big Brother — I didn’t understand the game at first but when the show came to Canada, I was like “Okay, I understand it now and I think I can make it.” I thought to myself, that if I was in the house past week one, I’ll end up winning.” But that’s what I thought!

William: I discovered Big Brother because of Big Brother Canada, so I really fell in love with the concept. I learned about forming alliances and playing the challenges. It looked really cool and I loved the game. That’s why I wanted to do the show.

Dre, what went wrong with Ika?

Dre: I think Ika and I had each other’s backs until a certain point where I felt that certain actions and game moves to protect herself hindered my game. I think at the same time, I could have tried to protect my game and hindered Ika’s game. So, we just fell out of trust. Yeah, I couldn’t feel like I could trust her anymore. That’s why I’m here, I guess!

What happened with Dillon? Was he ever really on your side or did he actually deflect over to work with Ika and Demetres?

Dre: My from perspective, Dillon is very much a flip flopper. He went left and right. However was HOH, he would basically bow down to them (no matter who it was) and gave them as much information as possible. In my opinion, he’s very good physically, but he’s not very good strategically. Or, he doesn’t see the game as the way it’s supposed to be seen. He’s just flip flopping… But I guess that’s worked out for him!

Tell us about the tension that has caused between you two because of Kevin? You two were so close… but then there’s Williams’ special friendship with Kevin.

Dre: It was a little bit hard because I did not like Kevin and I felt that he was using William. Especially in the first half of the game. I obviously love William and I didn’t respect that kind of game move by Kevin. We did try to work things out and I do like him a little bit more now.

William: Yeah… I did think about the time I was spending with Kevin and how it would make Dre feel. I knew she wasn’t going to be mad, but I wondered if it would make her question my loyalty to her. I was keeping that to myself a little bit. It was a little bit weird.

Dre: We weren’t all on the same page. Kevin is on the other side and I’m on one side with Ika and Demetres.

William: And we knew that Kevin would save me, but wouldn’t save Dre.

Dre: Exactly, so I knew William was trying to come to me and make me protect Kevin, but he wasn’t going to Kevin and trying to have him protect me!

William: I would have done it!

Dre: Yeah, you would have done it after I’m evicted! [Laughs]

William: No!

Dre, what was your reaction to William winning the secret power of veto?

Dre: I was like “Oh my goodness! William!” I was super happy. I wanted William to go far. I love William.

William: It was so cool.

Dre: I could see him being so happy and being excited about it!

Was there any move that you wish you could have made?

William: To be honest, maybe to have developed more relationships in the house. I felt that I was not with a lot of people.

Dre: It’s true.

William: I was so paranoid. I thought “I can’t do that, I can’t say that…” So, maybe if I was back in the house, I would talk to more people and try to trust more. I was too paranoid, actually.

Dre: Yeah, I think I would have wanted to be more with William. I think my relationships and connections in the house were good…They were okay. I felt that there were times where I withheld information from William because I felt we weren’t on the same page at times and didn’t know if we could be on the same page. I think that the one game move I would have done was to be closer to William.

Who’s game play surprised you the most?

Dre: I’m going to have to say Dillon…

William: Really? Why!?

Dre: Because the fact that he flip flopped so much and we didn’t realize towards the end, that surprised me! Because everyone else is playing a game that I would have expected them to play. Whereas, Dillon saying “I’m 100% real. I don’t lie. I’m honest!” all that and then going wherever the power is. I read him wrong. He does have a big ego, he’s obnoxious and likes to be the boss. I just figured he would make his own decisions because of that and go his own way. But I feel that he was very much following whatever people would tell him to do.

William: I would have to say Gary. He should have won season one. I think he played a bad game this season. He was doing “final two” alliances with everyone. He was a bad liar and I felt that everyone knew that he was lying to everyone! I don’t think he played the game well. I was surprised to see someone who made it to final two in the first season play this way.

Did you have any certain vision of a veteran player and have it shattered after playing with them? William, you touched upon it with Gary, but was there anyone else?

William: Maybe with Cassandra. But then at the same time, I was not surprised with how she played. I think she played me. I thought she was using me and I did not like it.

Dre: I think that the person that I would be most disappointed about is myself! And then with the returning players, it’s all so different. Being a fan of theirs and then seeing them and being with them in the house, is very different. It’s because you have to realize that you have to play as well! It’s stressful and difficult. I think I was a bit disappointed with the way Neda handled herself in the house. I was such a fan of hers. With Cassandra, I was disappointed that we didn’t click as much as I thought we would. Towards the end, we did finally click and I wanted to save her — sorry Jackie! With Cassandra, I felt that she was a bit snobbish with the way she looked at the other players. She was “up there,” while others were “down there.” She was looking down at people and I really didn’t respect that. I did tell her that. I think I did… Well, I told her now! [Laughs] Still love you, Cass!

Who are you rooting for to win?

William: Kevin. I think that he played a really good game. I like Karen, but I don’t think that she played a good game. The other people, I don’t really want to root for them to win. So, I’m going to say Kevin for sure.

Dre: It’s really hard to say who you want to root for because at this point, there’s no one left that I actually do want to root for! I’m going to say Dillon because the flip flopping really worked for him! [Laughs]

Who are you hoping gets evicted next?

William: I would say Dillon! I didn’t like how he played. He was flip flopping. No, no no.

Dre: Demetres, Kevin… I would love for Karen to be in the jury house as well.

William: I want to have fun with Karen in the jury house, for sure!

Dre: All of them! I want all of them to lose!

What’s your plan for jury? Do you have any hopes of influencing anyone?

Dre: I’m not done in this game. I’m going to tell my truth and perspective. I want to make a decision that’s based on everyone’s perspective and what we really went through. Yes, I might try to influence others depending on what I believe is a good game move, but I feel that everyone else will try to do that as well. We’ll see. I’m in the jury now and I feel that my vote is important. I want to give it to someone who actually played well.

William: I don’t know. I feel that the game is over. I think I’m going to relax and chill out. I do think that Kevin has a lot of votes in the jury house right now.

Dre: Yeah, unfortunately!

What was your favourite moment inside the house?

Dre: When I saw William coming down the stairs! I fell in love.

William: That was a good moment. Winning the secret power of veto was a good moment as well. That was so much fun, I loved it!

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