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big brother canada andrew miller exit interview

36-year-old Toronto small business owner Andrew Miller was the second houseguest to be evicted this season on Big Brother Canada. We caught up with Andrew following his eviction to discuss the divide between the red and white rooms, the lack of big game moves so far this season and which houseguests he thinks are in the best position.

How did this divide between the red room and the white room come to be?

It’s funny, like I knew going into the house that bedroom placement was important. Bruno actually put me on to that, after watching a few of his videos. Shout out to Bruno! I had been in the middle group [to enter the house]so I went in to get a bed, not knowing fully who was in my room and who was still to come. What happens late at night is that you’re just sitting in your room chilling and people start talking. You’re waiting for ‘Big Brother’ to shut the lights down, so you’re hanging in your room with people. Hamza and I shared a bed, so we could super close, super quick. Even those in the red room got close… They had more beds. It’s something simple as a ‘Hey, we should stick together.’ We even talked about that in the white room. Sometimes you when you wake up in the morning, other people tend to forget those conversations that were had last night. Then you’re in a tough spot because some people aren’t playing the game. The bed selection is definitely key. A lot of late night conversations happen at the midnight hour with the people who sleep next to you. Right now, it’s definitely a gang war with the red roses against the white roses.

What was your thought process like with the first twist of the season, when you had to divide the houseguests by sending them to heaven and hell? You didn’t really know them then.

No, I didn’t really know them then but we did have a little bit of time to have chit-chat. So in that little bit of time, I kinda went with whoever I had a vibe with. Erica was mad cool. We’re both cool, both from Toronto and are both Scorpios. We both like good moisturizer and gold teeth! It was easy to line up with Erica. Hamza and I are both sports guys. He’s a Raptors fan, so am I. I’m not going to put my buddy in hell. Ryan and I had a good vibe. He’s got a big beard and a belly… I like beards. He had a cool dragon tie on! In contrast, I sent Will to hell but I knew we could work out or differences if we had a conversation. Rozina was the only houseguest that I sent to hell easily because she was annoying. She kinda rubbed me the wrong way within minutes. I saved Olivia because it was going to be her birthday in a couple of days. I didn’t want to be a mean guy and send a girl with an upcoming birthday to hell. Alejandra I sent to hell because every time I spoke to her, she spoke to me with her back turned against me. I felt like ‘Yo, don’t put your back towards me.’ Little things like that kinda rubbed me the wrong way. Paras is a wonderful girl, but came in with a glitter dress, red bottoms on and I was like ‘This girl is definitely living a fancy lifestyle, she can definitely mix it up in hell for a few days.’ I really am a gamer, man. I hope I get the respect that I do for my moves. I tried to make moves based on what I felt and how they worked for my game. But it sucks that the people that I did save turned their backs on me so quickly. I saved Jesse, Derek and Erica. Erica took the hardest shots at me. We were supposed to be allies, you know?!

Why was the house so set on sending Rozina home last week? Alejandra seemed to be much better at competitions.

I don’t know, man… We’ve got a lot of sheep this season. Lots a sheep, no shepherds, and no wolves! Hamza and I are wolves. There are a couple of shepherds buried in there but definitely a lot of sheep that don’t have any original thoughts until you put in their heads. Rozina was no threat to anybody. She was cooking wonderful meals, cooking for everybody, praying for everybody… Rozina was a sweet old lady. Why would you get rid of the sweet old lady and keep the physical chick? It’s bad gameplay. I’m screaming at the top of my lungs, ‘Yo! Let’s take the shot when the shot is available!’ But these guys wanted to play Kumbaya, hold hands and talk about eyelash extensions. Like, come on! I don’t get it, man.

Out of those in power, who do you think is the most well-positioned?

I think that Jesse is in a really good spot right now. He’s definitely hopping and straddling a few different alliances and networks. I think that Alejandra, after going through what she did in the first week, has gotten a lot of sympathy from some people and is also in a very good spot. It’s going to be an interesting dynamic! Let’s see how things play out.

What strategy should the opposing houseguests take to get the well-positioned ones out?

After the past two weeks, we’ve some pretty weak game moves. It’s all unanimous votes too, which is kinda lame. I think at this time, you have to expect the unexpected. Let’s see how things go and how they line up.

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