Big Brother Exit Interview: Alex Ow

big brother alex ow interview

big brother alex ow interview

Alex Ow was sent to the jury house on a special eviction episode of Big Brother this past Wednesday (September 13). Had had the opportunity to ask Alex a few questions following her eviction, including on how worried she is that Jason may have thought she voted to evict him and if she regrets building a final three deal with Paul.

What went through your mind when Jason was sent to jury last week? Were you worried that he thought you may have voted him out?

The first thing that I thought when Jason walked out was that he thought that Paul and I were working together, which we were, but I think he thinks that I was one of the ones who voted him out. He thought we had played him the entire time, which was not the case… In the end, I got played.

Looking back, do you regret building a final three alliance with Paul?

I don’t regret building a final three alliance with Paul. In the game of Big Brother, it’s always known to expect the unexpected, and although it might not have been the smartest decision to stay with him, I thought he was going to keep his consistent character and maintain a friendship with me and he wouldn’t turn on me. It got me this far in the game, so I don’t regret it but I just wish Jason and I could have taken him out when we had the chance to.

Is there anything you think you could have done differently to solidify an alliance with those who were remaining in the house after Jason left?

Yes, right after I won my third HOH I thought I could still maintain a relationship with Christmas and Josh and fix whatever was there and send Kevin home. As soon as they voted out Raven instead, I knew that I was dead in the water and had no chance of staying in the game. Especially after Josh became HOH, Josh and Christmas both said they wanted me out because they could never win if they were up against me.

The 2-hour season finale of Big Brother airs Wednesday, September 20, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Global and CBS.


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