Big Brother Exit Interview: Kevin Schlehuber

big brother kevin scheluber interview

big brother kevin scheluber interview

Kevin Scheluber, the 56-year-old stay-at-home dad from Boston, was sent to the jury house in Thursday’s (September 14) episode of Big Brother. We spoke to Kevin about if the age different benefitted or hurt his game, who he grew closest with and which eviction vote was the hardest to cast.

That was the most gracious exit. When did you realize that you were going to be evicted? Did you have a feeling that Paul wouldn’t use the veto on you?

I’m lying down and thinking, if Paul was doing what he was saying, he would have taken me off the block and put Christmas up because we were talking about plans for the finale. So, I started to get a sense of what was happening during those last 48 hours. My theory is, why start yelling, screaming and scaring people? It wasn’t my place to be aggressive. It think Paul played a good strategy, and he’s there, and I was fine with it. If I was going to be upset, I’d be upset with myself.

Do you really think hat Christmas “went rogue” as Paul said in your goodbye message?

No, no. Everything was planned. I think Paul just said that to try to ease things up. He also took my special shirt to use in the final two comps. I know why he did that, so when I see it, I’ll feel sentimental and feel like this guy stood by what he said and hope that I’ll vote for him. I think Paul knew what he was doing the entire game and is playing a good game.

Did you think that having an age different benefitted your game or hurt your game?

I think initially I thought the age difference was beneficial towards me, which it did. With 16 houseguests, there’s definitely others that are going to act peculiar, or aggressive, so I could just ease my way through. I mean, I didn’t go on the block for 79 days, so that’s not bad! I think my age was beneficial but then when we start to get down to smaller groups, they critique everything, and you can’t deny that I’m older than everyone. I think in the long run, it didn’t help. It’s definitely a target that they shot at. It was something they could blame.

Who did you get to know the most or grow closest to?

Well, I grew the closest to Jason. He’s my friend. I’m definitely going to see him. Maybe because of our ages and he’s a father. And then Paul and I. I really have no animosity towards Paul. I think he outsmarted me at the end and I feel complimentary towards it because I think he was worried about going to jury with me at the end.

Which vote to evict was the hardest to cast?

The hardest vote was against Ramses, because I really liked the kid. But I had no choice, the thing was set. At that time, I didn’t see what everyone was saying about him. He used to make me breakfast, dinner, we were having fun and joked around. Ramses was my pal and it [that eviction] was a tough one.

The 2-hour season finale of Big Brother airs Wednesday, September 20, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Global and CBS.


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