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Big Brother Canada Exit Interview: Hope Agbolosoo

hope agbolosoo big brother canada exit interview
hope agbolosoo big brother canada exit interview

At what point did you realize that you were going to jury?

Right after my POV against Ty. We battled it out and right when I Iost that POV, I knew exactly what it meant, and I accepted it.

I spent the next couple of days thinking back and reflecting on my time on the show. I’m not gonna lie, I was happy with it. I wouldn’t change it in any way.

Who do you think gave you the vote to stay? Do you think it had to do with their jury management?

It was Ty. He gave me that vote. He told me that I was his priority and he wanted to keep me safe. In that house, where you’re supposed to tell lies and manipulate people, you often don’t want to believe that people have good intentions for you. I’m so mad at myself for not seeing it, but Ty did have good intentions for me.

Who was the hardest person for you to live with in that house? Who was the easiest?

[Laughs] I’m not going to lie, but the easiest person to really live with in the house was everybody. Everybody was about the same, to be honest, these are people that I never thought I’d come across and I just opened myself up to everything, so I wouldn’t say anybody was too hard or easy to live with. Everybody was about the same, but also different.

Did living with Ty get easier after Zach self-evicted?

Yes, it did. I always felt like Zach kind of got in between me and Ty. After he left, we talked about the situation and everything that had happened. After that, it was a breeze. I finally understood him. I truly see him as my uncle or like he’s an older brother. In the real world, Ty and I are going to be best buds for life.

Do you think that Zach could have made it far in the game if he had stayed?

If Zach would have stayed, he no doubt would have easily touched the top four.

Who do you think the Crown alliance will target next?

Right now, obviously, there’s a big divide in the house. I don’t know what the three girls are called, but if the Crown doesn’t target Shanaya, Renee, or Claudia, I’m going to be worried!

That would have been my plan last week, but the Crown had made a plan through Kuzie where there was this temporary truce with the girls. Which is why I targeted Ty and Santina.

If they do another truce, I’m going to be extremely disappointed.

Who in particular should they target?

Claudia needs to go! I need to see her in jury next.

How do you feel about holding back the door and shutting Claudia, Renee, and Shanaya out of the library?

Listen, in the Big Brother Canada house, any advantage is key. You know, one week of power feels like a whole year of power. At that time, everything was in our favour because Kuzie had just won the HOH and I felt like “Oh, we’re on top of the world!”

When we were working on figuring out that secret power, you’ve got to remember that I’m not a [longtime] fan like [some of the others], so in my head, let’s hold the door. Let’s lock the door and make sure that nobody else gets the secret power. “Let’s control this game. Let’s get rid of the girls.” I don’t know if you noticed, but I let everybody in except for the three girls.”

I let them know that they were my targets. I wanted to make that clear and wanted to figure out a way to bring [the rest of] us together. Every advantage in this house matters.

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