Big Brother Canada Exit Interview: Merron Haile

big brother canada merron exit interview

big brother canada merron exit interview

Edmonton’s Merron Haile was the latest houseguest to be eviction from the Big Brother Canada house this past Thursday (April 5) after being put up on the block by Erica against Ryan. We caught up with Merron following his eviction to chat about his friendship with Hamza, the women running things inside the house and who has a good shot at the upcoming week.

Who was the easiest to connect with inside the house?

Hamza was easy to connect with because we were into the same things. I know people that are similar to Hamza in Edmonton as well, so I found it easier to connect with him in that way.

Who was the most difficult to befriend?

I’d go with Jesse. I felt that we didn’t have anything in common at all. Our conversations were not fun.

At which point did you realize that you were going to be sent home this week?

The moment I knew that I might actually go was when I talked to Will. Before he told me that I had his vote, 100%, but then when I went to talk to him again, it wasn’t the case. I knew then that people were getting into his head and that he wasn’t going to vote my way.

There are some strong female alliances inside the house this season, which is not always common on reality TV. Having been inside this house, can you explain how this dynamic has stayed intact?

They are doing a really good job! There are a lot of really fierce women inside that house. Kudos to them. They are doing a great job winning competitions and really having the confidence to really do something with their wins. I think that’s really great on them. It’s not necessarily the case where all the girls are working together but it’s just that there are groups of girls in the house that are relentless at times. It’s very admirable.

Who do you think is the most well-positioned player going into this upcoming week?

I’d say Johnny. He seems to be good with everybody. I think he’s in a good position right now because he can win competitions if he really wants to and his social game is incredible. I think he has a good shot.

Who doesn’t have a good shot?

I would maybe go with Will just because he hasn’t won a competition yet. He could be seen like myself, someone who is just good with everybody. Based on conversations that I had before I left the house, I felt that people were kind of catching on to that… But I’ll have to wait and see.

What was the biggest game move inside the house this season (so far)?

I don’t know if was Erica putting up Veronica or Olivia putting up Hamza! It was one of those two, for sure. I think it would have to be Erica putting up Veronica just because it was a deliberate back door. That was really what she wanted to do. Whereas, Ryan won the veto and took himself off so then Olivia had to put up Hamza. So, I’d say Erica backdooring Veronica was the biggest move.

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