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big brother winston exit interview

Winston Hines, the medical sales rep from Kentucky, was the latest houseguest to be evicted from Big Brother this past week after being put up on the block by Scottie, against his bromance partner Brett.

In his exit interview, Winston chats about being friends with Scottie, even after calling him a dweeb, why his alliance chose Brett over him and who he wishes he could have worked with.

Looking back, do you feel with the way that you handled yourself when Scottie put you on the block?

I handled it the best as I could… [Laughs] Looking back, I was on the block half the time I was in the house. It was frustrating.

Your anger came across as aggressive. You even referred to Scottie as a “freaking dweeb.” Were you worried about how you’d be perceived by the viewers?

That’s very true. I mean, all that is part of the game. I know that Scottie knows that he and I will be friends outside of this game. We were actually very close leading up to my nomination. I was just blindsided. I wish nothing but best for the guy. He made a great move and got me out of the house.

You did seem to have some control over your temper when you were evicted, but you didn’t really say goodbye to anyone. Is there something that you wish you could have said to someone on your way out?

No, not necessarily. I was agree. So it’s better at those times to shut your mouth.

The Level 6 alliance decided to keep Brett over you. Do you think that he did any campaigning behind your back?

I’m sitting here trying to wrap my head around why they kept him. Ultimately, I guess the only reason why they kept him was because he’s a bigger target. He’s got a bigger target on his back and it’s better for them in the longterm. They’re looking out for their own game. By keeping Brett, Kaitlyn and the other side of the house will keep going after him and not them. I guess that’s why they kept him.

Was there a particular vote to evict you that shocked you the most?

Honestly, all of them. It was shocking. I knew that J.C. was going to go with the house. Sam was probably going the same way. I am shocked that Tyler went this route because I think he had a lot of influence with the girls. I feel completely blindsided, but that’s part of Big Brother.

Is there someone that could be playing both sides of the house?

Oh yeah… Tyler! He’s definitely playing both sides like a fiddle. He’s running around in there right now playing a great game.

Did you realize that before or after you were evicted?

Oh, no. I knew that the whole time. But, I mean, that was half of our alliance’s game right there… That Tyler was so non-existent with me and Brett… Nobody saw us working together.

Is there someone who you wish that you worked with instead of Brett?

Faysal and I really clicked as well. I think that Swaggy’s side of the house got to him too quickly. Ultimately, I’m glad that I worked with Brett. He kept me sane. We are both very similar and we both came to play.

Do you think that this bromance put a target on your back?

It definitely did. It got me here in this situation, so I’m pretty mad about it. However, I think that we could have both been put on the block regardless of our bromance.

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