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Thunder Bay, Ontario’s Paige Distranski was the first houseguest to be evicted from the fourth season of Big Brother Canada.

While she was originally put up on the block by Head of Household Loveita as a pawn to go up against Kelsey, the house managed to flip the vote and sent Paige home. We caught up with Paige following her eviction to discuss what led to her being nominated the first week and how she things the international houseguests will fare in the house.

With such a short time in the house, were you able to form any close connections?
I was really close with Ramsey. We were super close! We clicked immediately. He and I were in an alliance and we called ourselves The Trappers, as in we were going to trap the house. We had a handshake and everything. It was so nice to have someone in there who I actually wanted to hang out with.

What do you think led to your nomination?
I think that the first night I was closed off. It was because I was so overwhelmed and wasn’t really feeling comfortable with anyone. I didn’t talk to Loveita when she was HOH… She took it the wrong way and put me up.

The live feeds hadn’t begun yet so we aren’t too sure what went on in the house. Did you try to campaign to stay even though you were told you were a pawn? Why do you think the majority of the house went against the HOH?
I did try to campaign even though I was just the pawn. I still went around and tried to make connections with people. Some were harder than others, especially if I didn’t have personality type for them. I think the house went against Loveita because Kelsey and Jared campaigned really hard and managed to flip the vote. It was out of Loveita’s hands at that point.

What was the mood in the house when it was quickly revealed that Phil and Nick were brothers?
Everyone was shocked! We were so confused. No one was really saying anything and most of us didn’t believe they were brothers because they look so different. Everyone was kind of like “Are they really brothers? Are they going to start playing separate games at some point? How long will they stay as one individual player?” So yeah, everyone was shocked and it definitely put a target on them.

What will you take from your short time in the Big Brother Canada house?
It was such a good experience. My dream has come true! I was on Big Brother Canada where I met so many cool people and I miss them already.

How do you think international houseguests Nikki and Tim fare in the house? Would they be well received or do you think they’ll be immediate targets for evictions?
I think they will definitely be immediate targets for eviction. They are good this week, but as soon as it’s fare game, I think that they will go up.

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