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Kelowna, B.C.’s Dane Rupert was the big winner on Big Brother Canada’s season seven finale night on Thursday (May 9). The hockey jock turned civil engineer went won the show’s final HOH competition and chose to take alliance member Anthony Douglas (of Richmond Hill, ON) to the final two instead of Kyra Shenker (of Montreal, QC). 

We had a chance to speak with all three finalists, in this wrap up with Kyra, we discuss how quickly she forgave Dane and voted for him to win, the most fun competition to compete in, and which eviction vote was the hardest for them to cast.

You were so surprised when Dane picked Anthony — was that your biggest blindside in the game?

I would have to say yeah, for sure! I underestimated how close the two of them actually were. I definitely had my suspicions in the week, not sure if you guys got to see how paranoid I was… I thought Dane would have a harder time beating Anthony than me. I knew deep down that he’d beat either of us to be honest. Dane was smart enough to know that as well. But I definitely didn’t see that coming because five minutes before the competition, he looked at me and said “Don’t worry, you’re winning at least $20,000 today.” So I didn’t think that he’d lie to me and get my hopes up just to tear them down. It is what it is.

You seemed to have forgiven him rather quickly, voting for him to win, how were you able to get over that betrayal and vote that way?

I’m a huge fan of the show and I always said that if I went to jury, that I wouldn’t be a bitter juror. I’d vote for the person who played a better game. Dane was always one of the most well-rounded winners. He’s very strong mentally, physically and socially. I truly believe that he deserved to win. I felt hat very early on in the game. Yes, I had to go against him. I knew he was such a strong player and he would win if he went to the end. I knew hands down that for me, no matter who he went against in final two, and even though he wanted me out for a long time, I would have voted for him. He played a great game.

Big Brother Canada produces some of the best competitions in reality television. What was the most fun competition to compete in?

Oh my god, those comps were surreal. They stepped up this season. They were crazy! I have to say that there were a lot of them that were really fun. For me, I enjoyed playing in Minor Delay and the Wendy’s Challenge just because these were very two physical comps and this was at a time in the game where I started to believe in myself a little more. I felt like I stepped up in those comps in a way where I held on against these huge competitors! They were just an absolute blast to play in. It was that mix of physical, endurance and mental exercise. I had a lot of fun, they were great! Even that first part of that final HOH was really epic. 

The video game one recently as well. I knew you had a hard time with that one but it looked amazing on TV.

Yeah, the one that I did poorly in. [Laughs] The veto one. 

Was hard to watch in you in that one…

It was hard to play! Not gonna lie. 

What was the hardest eviction vote to cast?

Evicting Sam out. Unfortunately, I knew either way that my vote wouldn’t have been able to keep her [in the house]. I also knew that I didn’t want to risk ruffling any feathers by giving her that pity vote. Just having to say her name and evict her, was hard. She was my best friend in that house. I fought for her to stay and helped her with her campaign the best that I could. I really wanted her to keep going.

What was your best move in the game?

My biggest move in the game… I think my overall gameplay: playing weak, the damsel in distress, and making people think that I can be controlled. I don’t think I was that big of a target because they thought that they had me wrapped around their finger. That was a huge gameplay. I think my biggest game move was making the smart game decisions and not the “big” game decisions. Like keeping Dane to go after Adam. I knew as soon as I nominated them and Adam blew up. He had this cultish pride with the Pretty Boys and there was no way he was going to keep me over them. I knew that Mark, Anthony and I would have no way of taking Anthony out. We are not huge game beasts. So, I knew that Dane saw it was beneficial of keeping me. I knew keeping Dane would help me get rid of Adam. Otherwise, I knew I’d be gone the next week. Not Adam. So that was my biggest move, I think.

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