Big Brother 21 Exit Interview: Analyse Talavera


analyse big brother exit interview

Analyse Talavera is the latest houseguest to be evicted from Big Brother. We caught up with Analyse before she entered to the jury house to chat about the house flipping the vote after ‘Taco Tuesday’, her relationship with Jack, and what she’s looking for in a winner.

That was some Taco Tuesday! Did you think you were pretty much safe before Taco Tuesday happened?

I thought I was 100% safe before Taco Tuesday. It was very clear who the target was, but once Taco Tuesday had happened, it had actually put somewhat of a target on me because of the relationship I had with Nick.

When did you realize that the house was going to flip? That you’d be going to the jury instead of Christie?

I didn’t know that the house was thinking of flipping until the whole blow-up happened. I had officially known they were flipping about two hours before the live show. Michie had told Nick that if there was a tie, he was going to break it in Christie’s favour and when I asked Nick if he had heard of anyone talking about the votes, he told me what Michie had said and that everyone was switching because he had switched.

Did anyone come to you before the vote to prepare you?

No one came to me. I kept asking Nick and he only told me once he knew.

How much of that do you think was jury management?

I don’t think any of it was jury management. I think that was the last thing on anyone’s mind.

You said you wanted Tommy to win HOH. Are you rooting for him to win the whole game? Who else would you like to see go far?

I am rooting for Tommy to win the whole thing because he is playing a really good game so far. He has a great social game and is a great competitor and knows this game so well. If not Tommy, I would love for Christie or Cliff to win — because they are both two big targets that have been able to stay in the game and go far.

What are your hopes for your relationship with Jack? How much of it is genuine?

My whole relationship is genuine with Jack. I think he’s a great guy. I hope we can build a stronger relationship inside the jury house. I would also love to try it once we’re both outside [that]house [as well].

As a member of the jury, what would be the key characteristics you are looking for in term of helping crown a winner?

I’m looking for someone who was not only a great competitor but someone who had a great social game. Once you are in the house, you realize how important it is to make connections with everyone. I’m also looking for someone who is loyal. It is so easy to jump ship to the other side when that side is in power — but staying loyal to your people is what’s the hardest.

What do you think was the most shocking moment this season so far?

The most shocking moment this season so far was when Six Shooters broke up. We were going so strong and I never thought it was going to break up.

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