EastEnders Preview: Week of April 6

eastenders spoilers for the week of april 6 2020

eastenders spoilers for the week of april 6 2020

BBC has suspended the production of EastEnders in London to help limit the spread of COVID-19. Only 2 episodes will air/stream each week on the BBC and BritBox. VisionTV will continue to air 3 episodes each Friday night (as they are over six months behind).

Preview for BBC One (UK) and BritBox (US):

  • Ian takes great pleasure in kicking Dotty out but he may regret his actions when she realizes what he has done and plans her next move.
  • A drunken Billy helps Linda and Mick put their problems into perspective.
  • Chantelle throws herself into work with the Panesars.
  • Bobby develops a crush on Dotty.
  • Vinny teases Dotty about their bet over who can start a business first.
  • Mick and Linda agree to wait before telling Shirley and Tina about their plan to sell the pub.

Preview for Vision TV (Canada):

  • Whitney and Callum’s wedding day arrives.
  • Bianca is back in Walford and already causing trouble.
  • Mel’s situation goes from bad to worse.
  • Keanu goes head-to-head with Ben.
  • Hunter is set for revenge, but things soon get out of hand.
  • Bianca has a reality check about Tiffany.

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