Coronation Street Preview for the Week of July 27

coronation street spoilers week of july 27 2020
coronation street spoilers week of july 27 2020

This week on Coronation Street: Stress continues to take its toll on Steve and Tracy while Geoff has the audacity to request a visit with Yasmeen in prison. Canadians will also get a chance to take a look at a new special airing on Thursday that revisits some of the show’s most pivotal storylines.

Monday (July 27)

Leanne learns that Simon overheard her conversation. Roy’s in his element with Arthur’s train memorabilia. Peter does his best to comfort Nick.

Tuesday (July 28)

The stress is taking its toll on Steve and Tracy. Carla’s suspicious when she hears that Johnny is staying in France a bit longer. Sally visits Yasmeen in prison.

Wednesday (July 29)

Geoff emails the prison and requests a visit with Yasmeen. Nick suggests a support group help Steve and Tracy. Michael asks Grace to give their relationship another chance.

Thursday (July 30)

Special: “Stories that Gripped the Nation” takes a look at pivotal storylines that gripped the public’s imagination.

Coming up on Coronation Street in Canada during the week of August 3:

  • Nick and Toyah pressure Leanne to attend the support group.
  • Sally announces that she’s agreed to stand as a witness for Yasmeen.
  • Kevin urges Abi to meet up with the twins before they move to Australia.
  • A special look back at Coronation Street’s most memorable weddings.

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays on CBC, with an omnibus edition airing Sunday mornings. You can also catch up via the CBC Gem app and online at


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