Big Brother 19 Finale Interview: Paul Abrahamian

big brother 19 paul abarhamian finale interview

big brother 19 paul abarhamian finale interview

Returning player Paul Abrahamian was once again the runner-up on this season of Big Brother. We spoke to Paul following finale night to get his thoughts on losing out 5-4 for the second year in a row, the bitter jury and if there were moments where Josh took things a little too far.

When we spoke last year, you implied some shade that Nicole won because she was a vet and if you came back, you’d have the same luck. That didn’t work out so well, did it?

Clearly, it didn’t!

You kept your hands clean but in the end, the jury still voted for Josh to win. What do you think hurt your chance?

I’m not quite sure. You know, I did all that I could do. The odds were stacked against me with me being the only vet. I was trying to maintain good relationships with everyone so I didn’t get clipped… It seems to me that they were upset that I clipped them or clipped them at some point, or they realized that I was the mastermind behind them going home. They were mad.

I guess jury bitterness was also something you didn’t account for. What are your thoughts on their bitterness?

It was a little surprising because I feel like they more so voted to watch me lose. It was a little strange. But, I guess that’s also a big part of Big Brother… Understanding your jury and how they feel. I guess I failed in that department big time. Twice in a row!

Cody went ahead and won America’s Favourite Houseguest. You really rallied people against Cody but did you ever think how it would look outside the house with the perception of the viewers?

No, I didn’t really care about that. It was about the inside perception and who Cody was. By the way, Cody played the game, he earned zero of my respect. He didn’t treat the houseguests with respect. He didn’t treat the game with respect. He came into the game fuelled by hate. He didn’t like me and didn’t even give me a chance. He came at me just as hard, so I didn’t know what else to do but go after him.

We’ve seen that the smart move would be to get the veteran players out first. Coming into that game as a vet, what was your strategy for that not to happen?

I used my social skills and I developed a good rapport with everybody in the house. I controlled the numbers for a good amount of time. Even the people who wanted to get me out, they never really had the backing to do so. Everybody asked me for advice, so that helped created even bigger targets than me. I always made sure that I was part of the plan so that I didn’t become the plan.

You’d call yourself a “Puppet Master,” right? That’ a good.

Yes — people were dropping left and right when I needed them to. It was kind of funny and peculiar all at the same time.

Would you think that Raven is also a “Puppet Master”?

No — I keep hearing that she kept calling herself a puppet master. I’m not quite sure what she was the puppet master of. [Laughs]

Oh, okay great… I wanted to make sure the viewers were on the same page as those inside the house on that one! What were the thoughts going through your mind right when Julie was pulling out the keys? Going into that moment did you think you’d win over Josh? Why? At which point did you realize that history would repeat itself and you’d lose 5-4?

Yeah, I mean the way that Josh had ridiculed Cody a few times. Along with Jessica’s avid hatred for Josh… I never thought that Cody was going to vote for Josh. I knew he didn’t like me, but I definitely knew that he didn’t like Josh either. Since he was such a man of battling it out with me, I would have thought he would have just respected that he lost. I guess not!

Josh was downright savage when he went after Cody and Mark. Do you think he took things too far?

There were definitely times where things got a little heated and extreme but I do think he took a lot of things too far. Things kind of went a little too out of hand. The personalities were high and very conflicting. Because Josh was so good at getting under people’s skin, it was hard not to use him for my game. How he chose to do so, was his own doing. As far as my own gameplay goes, why not have some guy cause chaos? And he loved it.

And it won him the game!

I guess so! [Laughs]

Would you play again? A third time.

Hey man, I spent 191 days in that house… Lord knows I’m crazy enough as it is. I’d probably spend another 191 days in that house again.

A celebrity edition of Big Brother will premiere this winter on CBS, while Global will also broadcast a sixth season of Big Brother Canada in early 2018.


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