Big Brother Exit Interview: Joseph Abdin

joseph abdin big brother exit interview season 24
joseph abdin big brother exit interview season 24

During the Aug. 25th episode of Big Brother, two houseguests were sent to the jury. Here’s our interview with the second evicted houseguest, Joseph Abdin.

How hurt were you by Kyle’s betrayal? Would there have been a way for him to redeem himself?

Probably not. I was pretty hurt considering I was on the block in “Dyre Fest,” sleeping outside in the yard, in a twist that was a Big Brother first. I had the pressure on me, so although betrayal is part of the game, I was just shocked to see it come so early and conveniently when I and Turner were the ones facing the pressure. I think it just stung a little bit more, you know, having that betrayal happen on canned food and sleeping outside in a sleeping bag.

What advice would you have given Taylor and Monte had you had the chance to see them walk out of that house? Especially in terms of knowing you now know about how quickly Kyle turned on you and how things shaped out in the backyard?

That Kyle is definitely working against them! I remember that I did tell them that his relationship with Alyssa is a concern of mine and that I was right about it. They need to be wary about it and refrain from working with him any further, and possibly even target him!

Which experience in the house was a lot harder than you had anticipated?

Oh my god, sending your best friends home. That always broke my heart so much. Indy, specifically. You know, we’re still there to play the game but losing their company is so much harder than you’d think it would be. Facing decisions where you have to pick between the game and friendship [was a lot harder than I had anticipated].

Is there anyone you regret not working with?

Yes, I actually think each player has an amazing characteristic or brings an ability to the table. Especially in a world where I could have worked with Terrance and Alyssa, I think that would have been amazing and great. Overall, I’m pretty happy with the people that I was working with.

What’s been your favourite memory from inside the house?

My favourite memory from inside the house… Where to start? I have so many! Definitely being Indy’s roommate, working out with Monte. Training Michael and Terrance. Joking around with Pouch. The list just goes on… Hanging out with Taylor. It was all a great time. I’m overwhelmed with the amount of memories that I made in that house and I wouldn’t trade them for the world!

Big Brother airs Sundays & Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT and Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on CBS and Global. Canadians can catch up on demand, STACKTV, the Global TV app, and at GlobalTV.com.


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