Big Brother Exit Interview: Mecole Hayes

mecole hayes big brother exit interview

Mecole Hayes was the latest houseguest to be evicted on Big Brother. The TV Watercooler had the opportunity to chat with Mecole following her eviction to see if she’s reconsidered any of her feelings about the other houseguests since leaving the house, who she’d like to see go far and her very own “Zing!”

What has surprised you the most about the ongoings in the Big Brother house now that you’ve come home and perhaps read or watched clips? What has your husband shared with you from what he saw?

My husband had some very strong opinions about what was happening! But, I think the most suspiring to me, obviously, is the twist about Cirie and Jared being mother and son. It literally has me shook to my core!

So many things now make sense, like how they wanted to keep Izzy in the house and protect her. She showed them an immense amount of loyalty by not spilling that tea – which could have been very detrimental to both of their games. So many things make sense now!

I also found out about Matt and Jag conspiring to flip the vote on me this week!

Did your husband’s opinions of any of your former houseguests made you reconsider how you felt about them?

You know, he did say that Cory had been rallying to work with me and really wanted to work closely with me from the very beginning of the game.

My husband told me, “You put up your hand to Cory when you were leaving but he was fighting for you!” [Laughs]

I love Cory but, in that moment, I really did feel like he and America were behind the flipping of the vote to get me out of the house. And to some extent, they were – and Jag and Matt also had that idea, and those were the four votes that you needed to really get it done.

Is Cory still at the top of your hit list or do you have someone else now?

I wouldn’t say that Cory is at the top of my hit list. Had I stayed and won the HOH, I would have put Matt and Jag on the block! Let’s just be realistic, if one of them brings themselves down, then Cameron goes up and let’s let the people decide who gets to go home!

I don’t know why they are being seen as this powerful duo who could really be sitting in those “Final 2” chairs. If people don’t take that shot sooner rather than later, I think they may regret it!

Who do you think is in the best position to take them out?

The best position right now to take out Jag and Matt, considering the fact that it looks like Cameron could be sitting on the block and possibly go home this week, the best person who I think would actually go through with taking them out would either be Blue, Cirie, or Felicia.

You’re missing Zingbot’s return to the house this week. If you could submit any zings, what would they be?

Ooooh! [Laughs] I heard Zingbot came for my neck! Zingbot? Why are you coming for me? I love you.

Oh, you’re putting me on the spot… If I had to give any zings, honestly, I would just tell Cameron, “For as much of a comp beast you are and as much of a smart fan you are, you wasted your HOH with getting me out of the house when you still had Cory, Matt and Jag to consider. And now you’re possibly going out on the block this week?”

It’s giving revenge.

Revenge, revenge, revenge.

Sorry, Cam, but you did it to yourself!

Who are you looking forward to connecting with the most once this season is over?

I’m really looking forward to connecting with all of the houseguests. We had such a good time and they are honestly some of the best people that I’ve ever met. I’m really looking forward to connecting with everybody!

Who are you hoping makes it to the very end?

I’m hoping that Felicia makes it to the very end of this game. My gut tells me that if they don’t get Matt or Jag out sooner rather than later, then it’s also possible that they could make it to those final two chairs. And should one of them go, I think the other will probably bring Cirie along with them.

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