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Big Brother Canada Exit Interview: Santina Carlson

santina carlson big brother canada exit interview

Santina Carlson, the 29-year-old aesthetician from Edmonton, Alberta, was the latest houseguest to be sent to the jury house on Big Brother Canada. We caught up with Santina following her eviction to see why she’d like Kuzie to win, who she’d target if she got the chance to return to the game, and if anyone would regret keeping Claudia, Shanaya and Renee out of the library.

Can you share a bit more about why you’d like to see Kuzie win? Why is she the most deserving in your eyes?

She’s over just a very, very, strong woman. She’s been playing a very smart game. A very low-key game. She takes her time to think about the move she’s going to make.

I was obviously upset when she put me on the block, but knowing why she did it after that, I respected her so much, even if she was my target and it just shows how much people in the house respect her.

I’m down for it. I like the game she’s playing.

Is there anyone else that you’re rooting for?

Possibly Daniel C. I think he’s very underrated and I think he’s very funny and smart. I’m curious to see what he does in the house next.

You mentioned that you were loyal to Hope, but was there anyone else you wish you’d worked with earlier on?

Yes and no.

I think that I was trying my best to get close to Kuzie because I thought we were very much alike. It’s hard for both of us to trust people. I do wish that later in the game, I could have given her my trust and loyalty.

Looking back, you and John Michael competed as a pair in the first HOH comp, do you regret voting him out that week when you won HOH?

No, because I think he’d still be in the game, and he’d have a good chance of winning!

How hard was that candlestick competition to compete in?

It wasn’t hard, it was my nerves! I was shaking. I was so emotional.

What was going through your mind when you were in the library searching for clues while Claudia, Shanaya and Renee were kept out? Do you think that will come back to hurt anyone still in the house?

I don’t think so. We forget about things the minute the next day comes along, and I was really just thinking about getting whatever needs to be done, to be honest.

What was the strongest connection you made in the house?

Personally, I would say Hope. I love him and respect him as a human.

Game-wise, I think that Ty and I got pretty close, however, it died down after Kuzie was HOH.

If you had the chance of going back into the house, who would you target?

Oh, they’re all a target! That’s a hard question to answer, but probably Ty because I knew he was after me.

But everybody was after me, so I can’t them all at once!

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