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Jus Reign’s Late Bloomer Is Now Streaming

watch late bloomer jus reign tv show

Late Bloomer, the highly anticipated series from Jasmeet Raina (aka Jus Reign) is now streaming on Crave in Canada.

The 8-episode comedy series is loosely inspired by Raina’s life as a Punjabi Sikh millennial and online celebrity navigating the intersection of cultural traditions and contemporary life in North America.

The show follows Jasmeet Dutta (played by Raina) as he tries to balance his ambitions for success with his commitment to his family, community, and culture. Raina shares that Late Bloomer, “is a story that comes from a heartfelt place and is another step in the evolution of my artistry. I hope it makes audiences feel something – just as it did for me while creating it.”

watch late bloomer jus reign tv show

Late Bloomer also stars Baljinder Singh Atwal (Des Pardes) and Sandeep Bali as Jasmeet’s parents, Gurdeep and Supinder, Ashley Ganger (Grand Army) as Jasmeet’s sister, Maanvi, Sugenja Sri (The Handmaid’s Tale) and Sachin Mahashi as friends, Chippy and Sunny, as well as Ahamed Weinberg (Insecure) as cousin Neal.

The first two episodes of Late Bloomer were released today, January 19, on Crave. In the first episode, “Nudes,” Jasmeet’s laptop goes missing, along with his ‘tasteful’ nude self-portraits, and he needs it back before the photos leak and cause chaos. In the second episode, “How to Be Viral,” Jasmeet tries to network his way into levelling up his career, but a sale on milk stands in his way.

New episodes of Late Bloomer will premiere each Friday on Crave.


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