“I Knew It Was Going to be a Lightning Rod for Drama and Conversation” – B&B’s Delon de Metz on Zende’s New Story (Exclusive)

delon de metz interview the bold and the beautiful exclusive

The complicated one-night stand between The Bold and the Beautiful’s Zende (Delon de Metz) and Luna (Lisa Yamada) is bubbling back to the forefront on the soap this week as Luna reflects on her indiscretion with her boyfriend R.J.’s (Joshua Hoffman) cousin.

The TV Watercooler had the opportunity to chat with Delon de Metz about the controversial night in question – which was courtesy of some hallucinogenic mints – as well as how the truth could impact his standing not only in the family but in the family business! De Metz, who grew up watching B&B, also shares what it’s been like working opposite John McCook (Eric) and Thorsten Kaye (Ridge).

delon de metz interview the bold and the beautiful exclusive

It’s not the best time for Zende right now. Having slept with Luna while she was under the influence of drugs. What were your initial thoughts and concerns about this story when it was revealed to you?

I knew that it was going to be a lightning rod for drama and conversation. This is a soap opera, so that is part of the gig. What I wanted to make sure was that I played it as honestly as possible, and I hope that’s what I was able to achieve with Lisa.

My friends watching told me that I’ve played it very, very real, and that’s what I had hoped to achieve. My friends are always a bit nicer to me, but I hope that’s what the viewers got too. I think that Zende definitely feels an array of emotions after the fact. There is guilt for not realizing [that she was under the influence].

He was drinking all night and he stumbled in after glasses and glasses of champagne and saw Luna in bed after he invited her to be there. So, from his perspective, he thought, “Oh, I did not expect her to be here. I was flirting with her a little bit at the party and she actually came. Maybe she changed her mind? Maybe she’s gone over the hill?

And then for him to be levelled with, “Hold on a second… What am I doing here?” How do you register that? How do you deal with it? Knowing that she thought you were someone else, and knowing that she does not feel for you in the way that you thought she had when you thought she decided to come over?

And then everything that might ensue afterwards? You see that there’s one scene we played when they had a private moment in his room on the bed, reflecting on the night. There was a wash of emotions and fear of what might happen. What is his standing and relationship with the family? Are there legal implications? What is life like for him in that situation?

There were many things to play as an actor. I knew it was a challenge. I definitely had some trepidation while reading [the script]. I was like, “Oh geez, this is getting really heavy. Real quick!” I thought this was going to be a nice little love triangle where I win her over somehow, but no! We’re going there… and it went there.

And again, as an actor, my job is to play it as sincerely as possible and I hope that I executed that.

delon de metz interview the bold and the beautiful exclusive

The guilt was definitely there. But where does the blame lie?

I think that’s a very good question because [at the same time], Zende has no affinity for R.J. whatsoever. I don’t want to believe that Zende is trying to take Luna just as retribution for R.J. taking his job. That’s what’s going on. Luna’s cool. They both like her. Luna is very pretty and she’s great at Forrester Creations. They’ve both been able to bond during and throughout the aftermath of Eric’s (John McCook) illness. You have that there. That’s established.

So, I don’t think that’s the line where Zende says to R.J., “I’m going to get back at you by stealing your girlfriend.” That’s not what’s up. He just happens to really like her but she doesn’t happen to like him whatsoever. So, I think those two things have to be divorced.

And then when you get to it, he’s drinking. She’s high on these mints. Right? And then this 20-something-year-old guy comes in and sees her in his bed after he invited her over and she says, “I’ve been waiting for you!” How do you assign blame? How do you assign blame to any of the parties involved? And even with those mints lying around. It’s a series of unfortunate events.

Will you ever take a mint again? Will you see them the same way?!

I’m not prone to taking them in the first place. I’m more of a Dentyne Ice chewer. Not to plug the company! No, seriously though, I think that any time I see mints for the rest of my life, I will remember this arc.

delon de metz interview the bold and the beautiful exclusive

Do you think it was fair for Zende to ask Luna to leave R.J. over what happened?

I think Zende is plot-committed at this point. There’s no going back. Zende does have feelings for Luna and those feelings for her were accelerated by the evening they spent together. He’s going to take the shot.

Is it the most eloquent thing to do? Is the timing correct? These are up for debate, but you have to remember that emotions are super high. The stakes are really high and all of these feelings are coming out and maybe he is not in the best place to be able to navigate them with a clear mind. So, I’ll say that. But again, sure that maybe we could have waited a little bit before making a second attempt! But he doubled down. He’s in!

Zende’s relationship with Eric is really sweet. Could Zende maybe confide in his grandfather about what’s happened?

Zende has that closeness. I think it is possible.

I love working with John. I love being able to work with him.

I think my first scene was with Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor), but my first day on set, John pulled me aside and we worked through the scenes together and he gave me a taste of what it was like working on the show.

So, I always love working with him, both for the sake of nostalgia and also because I really respect him as an actor and like his presence on stage.

I think that the relationship is there. But that said, for this to break out in the family where they are so close, what does that do? This is part of the emotional toll on Zende. What is going to happen and what did I do? These are all the questions floating about [in his head].

So if he does share that information with Eric or anyone else, I think it will be a very heavy decision and something that he does not take lightly. The fallout could be catastrophic. There’s no end to the potential fallout.

delon de metz interview the bold and the beautiful exclusive

Do you think Zende has a fear deep down about who Eric could potentially side with? Zende or his cousin, R.J. – who is the “golden boy.” He’s the son of the show’s super couple, Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) and Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang).

I think that is definitely part of it. We had this nice moment where Eric told Zende, “Listen, I want to work with you. You are wanted.” I think that sways his fear a little bit that he is being pushed out of the family.

That said, even if you were to remove the whole night together, Zende has been pursuing R.J.’s girlfriend in not such a hidden manner. He’s very flirty and invited her to dinner. If that broke out, he might deserve a talking-to. So, when you stack this on top of it, I don’t know? Even if no one is really at fault here, everyone was either drunk or high, it’s a little bit of a cloudy situation but he’ll keep pursuing her in this manner… It’s hard to see too many people having Zende’s side.

So, for Zende to deliver the news to Eric, I think it’s a big risk. I don’t know where Eric would fall.

delon de metz interview the bold and the beautiful exclusive

Luna appeared to have gotten over the trauma and hopped right into bed with R.J. pretty quickly, even for a soap. I know Zende made it very clear that they used protection, but could the truth about Zende and Luna come out in a potential “Who’s the Daddy” twist? And how would you think Zende would approach the potential of fatherhood?

I think Zende would probably be very happy about the situation. He’s said this before, with Paris and Zoe, he’s been around the block and lived internationally, and he’s had a failed marriage, so I could see Zende being in a position where he might have something very true that could lead to something like that.

Under normal circumstances, one would hope that this would unfold over a long period of time, but that’s not what we’re dealing with. This is a soap where things are truncated. Zende coming out right after that incident and saying, “Dump him. Be with me.” The timeline is questionable there. Luna then gets right back into bed with R.J.! It’s television and things have to move quickly.

I could see Zende encouraging it and being very supportive as a father. Especially as someone who grew up with his background. Having been an orphan, being adopted into this family, essentially getting this “Golden Ticket” and an ability to start a wonderful life in Los Angeles, being raised and given essentially unlimited opportunity, I think he would pass that on to the next generation.

I think that as a father, Zende would definitely stand up. It all just gets a little messy, given the circumstances. But again, this is a soap opera.

Speaking of his family, are you hopeful that we’ll finally get to see Zende’s parents (Kristin and Antonio) again?

I would like it! I know the fans have been asking for it! I would like it; Zende would like it! He needs some support. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but let’s say the news breaks out [about him and Luna], it’s hard to imagine a scenario where it isn’t Zende [alone] vs. the world. It would be nice to have some support from the family.

Zende’s really in a tough spot right now. It’s hard even as I hypothesize as an actor. I’m very curious to see what the writers will go [next], which always makes the job interesting. You don’t know where it’s going to go, but you can easily see a playing field where it’s Zende versus 20! So, we’ll see! Some family support would be nice!

delon de metz interview the bold and the beautiful exclusive

This would then create intergenerational conflict, which soaps thrive from.

Yes, the future continues. Definitely.

Did John McCook give you any tips when you started? He’s a soap legend.

The first thing that he said to me was, “We read the scene essentially three times and that we don’t really comment on each other’s work.”

I will say that I have been mentored a little bit here and there by Thorsten, which I definitely appreciate. When I run scenes with Thorsten, we will really talk through what we’re trying to achieve, different beats, and the pacing of things. He’s really great at keeping the pace at sort of a moderate slow burn. I think I have a tendency to really go! I have a battery in me, so it’s fun to work through those scenes with him!

John gave me, I think, the structure of how you work within the medium, but Thorsten, he’ll come in and help refine things throughout the day. It’s really nice working with him.

I love scenes with both of them and I loved it when I got to go off and get heated with Uncle Ridge and R.J. I loved that.

I would love more of that. And if the news comes out and if the story about Zende and Luna leaks internally at the firm, I don’t see where we don’t have more of that! So, as an actor, I’d say, “Yeah, rip off the Band-Aid. Let’s go! Let me have some more fireworks.”

delon de metz interview the bold and the beautiful exclusive

How familiar were you with The Bold and the Beautiful before joining the show? Or the soap world?

I knew it since I was a kid! This is what was on when you were home sick from school. You watched The Price is Right, and then the soaps were on. My mom watched the show for God knows how long. 30 years? And then picked it back up when I started. She was so excited.

This was in New York. Everyone in New York knew The Bold and the Beautiful! You have a couple of TVs in the house and one of them is probably playing soaps in the middle of the afternoon if you’re in school or not. So, it was definitely known to me. Ridge and Brooke, as characters, were known to me, and definitely known to my family – my mom and even my father. They both completely freaked out when I booked the role!

You booked the role during a very interesting time! It was during the pandemic.

My audition was a self-tape! It was over the laptop. I couldn’t get a reader to come over and come read with me!

I called an actress that I had worked with on a CBS show called Zoo, “Gracie, I need some help! Can you read with me on this?” And we did it over laptops. We recorded it and then I sent in the recording. They then had me chemistry read with Kiara Barnes (who played Zoe) for a couple of rounds. It was crazy!

The world has changed now. I don’t know if we’ll ever go back to the old way. But that was specifically odd because at least under normal circumstances you can get a friend to come over to your place and read. That was challenging. I’m glad it worked out though!

And then going on set with all the COVID protocols.

How do you form chemistry with someone when you’re acting ten feet across from them? It wasn’t even the six, but I think nine, or ten feet when we started. So, I’m across from Kiara on stage and we’re trying to have this heavy romantic moment together – which is already an acting challenge – but when you’re in proximity, things naturally start to bubble up. I felt for the camera crews, the editors… Can you imagine the editing trying to make it look like we’re standing right next to each other? All of that was crazy. Zende’s first kiss with Paris (Diamond White), I was kissing a mannequin! I almost took it for granted, when I think back to that year and year-and-a-half where we were careful, it was crazy! Crazy what we had to go through!

You started around the same time as Tanner Novlan (Finn) did. Did you guys bond over being the new kids on the B&B block?

Tanner was the first person I spoke with. I knew Tanner prior to the show because we both used to audition against each other! I think I booked an NCIS guest star over him! [Laughs] Gotcha, man!

We’ve read for similar things in the past, which is odd because we don’t really look like each other, but we’re in similar categories. I would see him around town and when the casting news came out, I saw that he had booked it as well, I was like, “Hold on! This is cool! Him? He got it too?” and we jumped on the phone!

delon de metz interview the bold and the beautiful exclusive

Growing up watching the show, you know the cast and characters! Is there anyone that you are hoping you can work with more closely down the line?

I think that Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy) is such a fantastic actress. I’d love to have some heated scenes with her. Our scenes have been pretty light, like “Oh, hey Zende! What’s up with the fabric order?” I’d love to have some drama with her.

I think that Annika Noelle (Hope) is great [as well]. I’d love some drama with her.

I love Sheila (Kimberly Brown)! Who doesn’t love Sheila as a character?

I’d love for Zende to kill somebody! I think that’d be fun.

Everyone’s like “Zende’s bad now. He broke bad.” I don’t know [about that]. Zende was kind of sidelined. This kid comes in, takes his job, and he’s not happy about it and happens to like his girlfriend and not like R.J. So maybe he’s a little bit devilish now? But he’s not a real villain. I think it’s cool to play bad. The roles I played that tilt that way, as an actor, they are really fun experiences.

Going back to the character, there’s been nothing with Dollar Bill (Don Diamont) and Zende. There’s been a little bit with Hope, but there could be more. Same thing with Steffy, who is his cousin. Let’s see what happens! But, those are the characters that I would like to interact with more.

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