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Alternative TV Viewing: Less Than Kind

Citytv’s Less Than Kind wraps up its first season tonight at 9pm where Sheldon’s birthday party plans are sabotaged after Imelda backs out and Josh quits the driving school to go work on the set of a new movie. Meanwhile, Sam’s health problems become more evident. If you haven’t watched this Winnipeg-produced show yet, I’d highly recommend it. Citytv will be rebroadcasting it starting next week at the same time (Mondays at 9pm). You can also catch it online at Citytv here.

The show is produced by Mark McKinney (from Kids in the Hall) and stars Jessse Camacho as Sheldon Blecher who is surrounding by loonatics at home and at school. Character-actor Maury Chaykin (Entourage) plays his father who is a driving instructor while his pyromaniac mother is played by Wendel Meldrum, the “low-talker” from Seinfeld. Rounding out the rest of the cast are Benjamin Arthur (Whistler) as his older brother Josh, Nancy Sorel as his Aunt Clara and Brooke Palsson as Sheldon’s scene-stealing friend Miriam. The Weakerthans also provide the theme song, which is pretty cool.

A second season has also been announced, so start watching!


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