Mr. Belding to appear on Y&R, Eileen Davidson returns to DAYS – Plus: Jeanne Cooper hooked up with on-screen son!


— “Hey hey hey!Saved by the Bell’s Mr. Belding (Dennis Haskins) will appear on The Young and the Restless as a priest. The episode will air on Thursday, July 12 in Canada (and Friday, July 13, in the U.S.). So what is going on? Will the priest be on the show for a wedding (Jack/Nikki) or a funeral (Ricky)?

The Hollywood Reporter confirmed, what was already revealed by Soap Uncensored, that Eileen Davidson will return to Days of our Lives as Kristin (and hopefully Susan) beginning October 11. Davidson told THR, “I’m thrilled to embark on this new adventure at Days and excited to revisit Kristen and who knows who else! Not to mention my old friends in the cast and crew.”

— As for whether or not Greg Vaughan is coming to DAYS, looks like he’s coming but there is still some speculation on who he’ll play. While fans assume he’s been cast as the new Eric Brady, Soaps In Depth is hinting he could end up being a “holy man.”

— Should Y&R fans be worried about Ashley’s fate when Eileen Davidson exits the soap? Jerry Douglas (John) posted on his Facebook page that when he appears on the show around August 1, it might be the last time that all the Abbotts will be shown together. Hopefully there won’t be any scenes involving that infamous lake…

— Speaking of the writing regime on Y&R, here’s a backstage story that is juicier than anything on the show at this very moment… Jeanne Cooper (Katherine Chancellor) reveals in her memoir, “Not Young, Still Restless,” that she had an affair with Beau Kazer who plays her on-screen son, Brock. Takes “Duchess,” to a whole new level, doesn’t it? Cooper told the New York Post that, “he made the first move. But the age difference was not for me. He kept saying he had no problem with it and that age meant nothing for him.”

— If you haven’t had a chance to check out our exclusive with Y&R’s Daniel Goddard, here’s the link to the interview. We discuss the state of daytime soaps, what’s coming up ahead on Y&R and his special message to the fans.

Soap thoughts…

General Hospital’s Sam and McBain kissed last week! McBam! Caleb and Livvie back together. Honestly, say what you will about the heartache of watching Sam grieve for her baby, but it’s created some great story opportunities for the character to exist outside Jason and the mob.

— Big mistake killing off Ricky on The Young and the Restless. Maybe instead of recreating a scene with a bathtub (just like Isabella/Christine), Ricky could have lured Eden to a boat (hey, there infamous lake) just like when Isabella was presumed to have died all those years ago (before she showed up with a knife in Cricket bathroom). Ricky could have fallen into the water after a struggle with Paul, leaving his death ambiguous and the door open to his return. Instead, Daisy’s “death” is ambiguous. Nobody wants to see Daisy return. Nobody. Daisy should have been the one to have been shot in the arm and then fall from a window, not Ricky. Kudos to Peter Porte, who was written into a corner (or  window ledge) but played it really well.

What’s coming up:

The Bold and the Beautiful: Brooke and Taylor update Ridge on the happenings in Italy. Marcus asks Thomas to be his best man. Brooke pressures Liam to be honest with Hope. Hope showcases her new wedding collection to the media. Steffy tells Ridge that she has no regrets about her and Liam’s secret.

Days of our Lives: Chad finds out from Carly that Melanie isn’t with her. Andrew blackmails Gabi. Chad and Daniel later file a missing person report. Sami is caught in the middle of Lucas and EJ’s conflict. Chad puts himself in danger when he hopes to rescue Melanie. Ian becomes suspicious of Kate. Carrie tells Austin that she wants to move back to Switzerland.

General Hospital: Elizabeth tries to convince Jason not to give up. Patrick may not be able to resist temptation. TJ accuses Alexis of being racist. Sam is on the verge of discovering the truth. Todd and Heather’s alliance goes a step further. Luke has a visitor. Olivia becomes a target. Joe Jr. plans to bring Sonny down with some help. Blair Cramer (Kassie DePaiva) returns to Port Charles.

The Young and the Restless: Michael begs Phyllis to come clean about her past. Abby wants to help Carmine. Paul grieves. Tensions rise between Victor and Nikki. Neil and Harmony take a step forward. Kevin is less than thrilled that Adam is the investor Chloe got. Sharon follows Adam and Chelsea to Kansas in hopes of stopping their wedding. Nick leaves Phyllis when he finds out about the hit and run.


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