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Pretty Little Liars Recap: A is back!

pretty little liars run ali run recap

pretty little liars run ali run recap

Did you miss me bitches? – A. Um, ya damn right I missed you A. With one text message, A resumed her position as the girls’ tormentor and it looks like round two of torture was coming back.

Meanwhile, Caleb was jealous that Hanna moved on with Travis. What did you think was going to happen? Did you think she was just going to sit at home, eat ice cream and await your return? Plus have you seen Travis?!?! No girl can resist that. Heck, Hanna couldn’t. Just look at them.

pretty little liars tranna

But this show has a habit of reuniting the girls with their “one true love” (ahem Aria “slipping twice” with Ezra) and with Ravenswood being cancelled, Haleb might be a thing by the end of this season. Ugh. Team Tranna!!!

With A back in the picture, the stakes have gotten bigger when A sent Alison a video showing Mrs. DiLaurentis being buried the same way Alison was buried by her mother. How would A know that? Was she there that night?

In the search to find who had ascended to the role of A, the investigation took Spencer back to her old stomping grounds at Radley. She was completely stonewalled and got absolutely no information regarding Bethany.

Speaking of Bethany, Ezra received a manilla envelope with a drawing inside by someone named Bethany. The picture was of Mrs. DiLaurentis… at her house… gardening. How in the hell did a) Bethany know what Mrs. DiLaurentis looked like, b) what her house looked like, and c) know that she liked to garden? I can’t wait to find out if/when she crossed paths with Mona at Radley and what exactly is her connection to the DiLaurentis family.

Eddie Lamb was the one who gave Ezra the picture. Why didn’t he give it to Spencer? I thought Spence and Eddie were tight? Either way, that was thing the girl needed to start their investigation into Radley and finding out who Bethany Young really was.

As for Emily, she called on Paige to spill the beans on who was in Mona’s “I hate Alison” club and she named Lucas and Melissa. But like every snitch in a gangster movie, Paige found a warning in her locker via a dead rat. Get it? Will Paige be making it to the end of the season? I don’t think so.

Alison decided (yet again) that she had to leave town for good. As she was getting her fake id to go back on the lam, A broke into her house and tried to strangle her, but good ol’ Emily was able to stop Alison from getting murdered, but was thrown into a table for her troubles.

Let’s tally this up: a house was blown up, Alison was nearly killed (along with Emily), Paige found a dead rat in her locker. Tell me again why these girls haven’t called the cops and told them everything?

Hands up if your over Emily and Alison? I never liked the idea of their pairing when Emily was having flashbacks of her allegedly dearly departed love. But now that Alison is back in the flesh, it’s looking like this ship is sailing full steam ahead. Honestly, I can’t be too peeved about it. None of the coupling I wished for this show has happened. RIP Holdbook/Hanna and Spencer/Andrew. You love with never set sail and it’s a pity.

Other highlights:

– “If Ali wanted to kill, why not just do it? Why play games and blow up a house.” Thank you Hanna for providing possibly the most insightful line this show has written. I truly believe that A doesn’t want Alison dead (mainly because I think that Alison IS A). I think that this whole thing is just some sick and twisted game that Alison is playing on her friends for something really random they each did to her.

– Spencer’s new wig was back… and with new accessory: a toque. Why the wig Spencer? You have such lovely hair.

– Hanna has a flask. It bares repeating. Hanna has a flask. Season three was Spencer drug bender. Season four was Aria’s scorned woman act and now Season five is Hanna is getting her “sprang break” drank on.

– Aria taking a job at Radley to investigate Bethany. She’s definitely the right person for the job. Her conversation with Ezra about where to hide his research so the cops don’t find it shows that her sleuthing game has reached an all new heights.


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