Survivor Recap: Odd Man Out

survivor recap it will be my revenge

survivor recap it will be my revenge

Three castaways found themselves on the outside looking in.

On the Blue Collar tribe, Mike was having a hard time seeing his tribe loaf around while he was breaking his back doing work. I think he felt that since they were all blue collar people, they would just be good little worker bees and buzz around camp doing something productive. There’s nothing with always wanting to work and then wanting your tribe to work as hard as you. But it’s episode two dude, you don’t tell them this. It’s statements like that that send you to the bottom of the totem pole and gets you a one way ticket home.

As for the While Collar tribe, Wes decided to have a no-pants party and Shirin invited herself. Sure airing out your junk on an island on national TV is a once in a lifetime thing, but Survivor is all about perception. While Wes was doing it as a means to have some alone time to think, the early stages of the game is for forging bounds and laying the groundwork for your gameplay.

At the No Collar tribe, Vince concocted a war between he and Joe. He felt that his contribution at camp was going unnoticed and Joe was receiving all the praise. He brought this up to Joe and Joe just let the conversation happen. Joe took his concerns to Jen and Hali who shared Joe’s sentiment about Vince and how he can’t be trusted. Vince was the only person on the outs. Nina felt ostracized because Hali and Jen excluded her from conversations.  She brought up her concerns and found herself on the bottom of her tribe.

At tribal council, with fishing gear and immunity on the line, the white collar tribe came back from behind and won because Joaquin’s jump shot was money. The Blue Collar tribe added another win to their column. Talk about redemption. The White Collar tribe lost a huge lead during last week’s episode only to come back from behind to win immunity.

With No Collar going to tribal for the first time, who do you send home? The obvious choice is Will. No Collar Tribe had a nice lead during the challenge, but Will fumbled during one the obstacles, leading the other tribes pass him. However, like how Shirin lost it for her team last week and wasn’t on the chopping block, I suspect Will will find himself in the same situation.

Back at camp, Vince and Joe had their sights set on each other with Will playing the swing vote. Joe wanted himself, Jen, Hali and Will to split their votes between Nina and Vince and if Nina didn’t have the idol (that she isn’t looking for), they would vote her out during the revote. However, Will wasn’t down with that plan because he didn’t want to send him his friend Nina. He wanted to seize control of the game, so he took the plan to Vince.

Vince took this information and came up with the plan to take their three votes and send Jen packing. The plan was a go… until Will told Nina about it. She was so happy that she wasn’t going home, but she opened her stupid mouth and told Will that Vince was concerned about his health and was concerned about how he would do in future challenges. Russell Hantz is somewhere calling Nina a dummy. You had everything right in front of you. You went from being at the bottom of your tribe to the top of the tribe with the numbers, but you clearly have no clue how to play this game and essentially sunk your chances of of going far in this game.

In the end, Nina’s idiot remarks cost position in the game as Vince’s plan fell apart and he was sent home in a 3-2-1 vote in the first blindside of the season, that seemed to blindside everyone involved including Jeff. Nina couldn’t believe that Will flipped. Joe was shocked it didn’t go to a tie as planned. Even Jeff sensed that it wasn’t supposed to go down that way.

Other highlights:

Will may not win this game, but he’s comments are hilarious:

“I’m the only brother out here.”

“Water has always been the black man’s kryptonite.”

“I’m going to go back to camp, drink some lukewarm water and hopefully see less of you.”



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