Pretty Little Liars Recap – Out, Damned Spot

Pretty Little Liars recap Out, Damned Spot

Pretty Little Liars recap Out, Damned Spot

First, I would like to apologize for the lack of PLL recaps for the second half of season 5. Coupled with a nasty cold and falling asleep at 7PM, I’ve let you guys down NEVER AGAIN!

Well hello Andrew. Honestly, why have none of the girls gotten with him? He’s smart, in hella good shape and a legit babe. Spencer nearly got in there, but she was just trying to make Toby jealous. Oh Andrew… we will always have strip studying.

Andrew PLL

I really like how Hanna’s mom Ashley has had a interesting story arc this season. It’s one of the very few non-‘A’ related storylines of the show and it’s a nice little break away from the girls traipsing around town trying to get one step of ahead of A. After invoking her inner Sydney Andrews and slept with Jason DiLaurentis, her life has taken a turn from the worse. She finally confessed and told Pastor Ted about her indiscretion while he was away and it looks like they won’t be living happily ever after.

As for Aria, I wonder if she’s slowly starting to realize that A had nothing to do with her not getting into any colleges. Andrew caught her cheating off him during her test and she admitted that she did it because her offer letter was conditional based on how she does for the remainder of the semester. Oh Aria, does it really matter? I think it’s safe to say that all the girls will be getting into the same college.

Meanwhile, Mike has become increasingly prominent this season. The girls suspect him of wrongdoing. While they may not think that he’s A, they believe that he’s up to something. He’s been acting weirder than usual, he’s been visiting the prison where Alison is, he hasn’t really gotten over Mona’s murder. All that together spells trouble. But if that means we get more topless Mike workout sessions to the sweet sounds of TV On The Radio… then brood on Mike. Brood on.

Mike PLL

It seems the girls’ suspicions are valid. Mike has a vile of blood in the mini fridge in his room. He’s has $18,000 in the bank. He’s been conversing with a Hank Mahoney who called from the prison and has been chatting online with him. But who’s blood is it? Who’s Hank Mahoney? With the way the show LOVES to throw red herrings at us *cough* Toby *cough* Ezra, I wouldn’t be surprised that this is just one giant red herring/misunderstanding. Something tells me that Mike is hellbent on getting to the bottom of Mona’s murder and that he was privy to some intel from Mona when she was trying to amass an army to take down Alison.

They soon discovered that A had viles of their blood and was missing just one. Was that what Mike gave to Cyrus? Either way they demanded it back from him, but before any negotiations could take place, Andrew swooped in with his baseball bat and threatened Cyrus. Seriously, why are none of the girls dating this man?

Alright, back to Mike.

It looks like the girls are nowhere closer to figuring out what’s up with Mike and why Cyrus is back. They know that he was with Alison those years she was presumed dead, but what they don’t know is that Alison has something over him and he will not cross her. I’m guessing with Alison in jail for Mona’s murder, Cyrus resurfacing isn’t a coincidence and I suspect we will see him in more episodes this season.

You know who else I want more of? Holbrook.

Holbrook PLL

No Holbrook. You’re my list. *wink*

The episode ended with an insane revelation. Someone is hellbent on pinning Mona’s murder on Hanna. First, Caleb and Spencer found a storage unit that pointed to Hanna as Mona’s murderer. Secondly, someone recorded her and Caleb planning to break into the storage locker and steal all said evidence. And now, the episode ended with black hoodie dropping blood on a dress and I think that might be the dress that Mona died in.

Why are they trying to frame Hanna for Mona’s murder? Why Hanna? Is Alison behind it? Too many questions and not enough answers.

Until next week liArs.

Other great moments:

– “No cookie, no blood.” Spencer and Aria giving Emily grief for accepting free cookies after not giving blood.

– I get that he’s an artist and his whole you don’t really need to go to university vibe is appealing, but come on Spencer. Johnny has bangs. I repeat. Johnny has bangs and a hole in his shirt. Don’t go slumming it with graffiti/vandalism boy.



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