Survivor recap: Who Do I Cheer For?

survivor the line will be drawn tonight recap

survivor the line will be drawn tonight recap

Who do I cheer for?

It’s an honest question. There’s really been no one this season that I really want to win this game. Everyone… and I mean everyone this season has been either really annoying and not given enough camera time for me to care for them.

Tribal council was a game changer, but I found myself not really caring how it played out. After Joaquin’s premature exit, the tribes merged with blue collar having the numbers. Jenn made a poignant observation before tribal council. As much as blue collar hated each other, they would always vote as a block. And it was true. Sierra sucked up her hatred for Dan, Mike and Rodney and ousted Joaquin, the only person in the game to actually make her feel like a human being. Rodney voted with the blue collar tribe at tonight’s tribal after they turned on him and voted out his No. 1 bro last week. This tribe was never going to turn on each other at this moment in the game.

Jenn knew this and attempted to court the three remaining white collar tribe members to join the no collars and pick off the power alliance of the blue collar tribe. It’s a great idea, but how do you expect a tribe to work with you if you’ve never talked game with them until now?

While Carolyn and Tyler found themselves as the swing votes, Shirin didn’t. See found herself cemented with the no collar tribe, but has absolutely no clue that she’s on the bottom of that alliance. Hali and Jenn are a tight twosome and are only dragging you along because you are terrible at playing this game. While Shirin was high-fiving Jenn for amazing move, Shirin needs to take stock (as an alleged Survivor super fan) and realize she’s done absolutely nothing in the game so far.

In the end, it didn’t really matter which side Tyler and Carolyn found themselves on because Jenn used her hidden immunity idol and all the votes cast against her were tossed and Kelly was sent home. Kelly was right. She was sent home because she flipped back to her original tribe, leaving Hali and Jenn in the wind. I thought Kelly would go far, but at this point in the game, every little thing you do counts and is grounds for people to write your name down.

But what does this mean for the rest of the game?

Tyler and Dan understood that this vote was CRUCIAL and would split the tribe right down the middle. And they were right. Tyler rand Carolyn sided with the blue collar tribe and the blue collar tribe took a hit with Kelly going home. But that’s just the beginning. The two people who have proved to be the most untrustworthy (Rodney and Will) are looking to shake up the game and sen Mike home.

But will this happen or is Rodney just blowing smoke?


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