Survivor Recap: Honesty vs Dishonesty

survivor premiere recap

survivor premiere recap

It’s the name of the game. You’re honest with some and dishonest with the rest. But how early in the game do you start with the lying?

The episode began with all three tribes having to select two members of their tribes who had to make a decision once they arrived at camp. That decision was whether or not to be honest and take the larger bag of beans back to the rest of the tribe or lie and take back a smaller bag and receive a clue to the hidden immunity idol at their respective camps.

While both blue collar and no collar tribes decided that it was WAY to early in the game to have people distrust you, So and Joaquin of the white collar tribe thought that it was a no-brainer to take the clue to the hidden immunity idol. But So knew that her tribe was smart and she had to come up with a lie to explain the small size of their bag they were bringing back.

For someone who was was a top executive, So’s lying skills were awful. Carolyn and Shirin saw right through her BS and knew that she and Joaquin took a small bag of beans in exchange for a clue to the idol. While their tribe was STRUGGLING to make fire, So and Joaquin not-so-secretly peeled off from the tribe to find the idol. Carloyn saw this and followed them and while they were looking in the wrong place, Carolyn found the idol.

At the other tribes, they were able to get fire, however the blue collar tribe already determined who was at the bottom of their tribe. Sierra didn’t believe that Dan or Mike chose honesty and brought back a small bag of rice, but it was Dan would find himself on the outs of his tribe when he started to cause friction with the women on when it came to how to go about building their shelter. While Dan was off getting wood, Sierra, Rodney, Lindsey and Kelly came to an agreement that Dan would be the first to go because they couldn’t stand him.

Vince of the no collar tribe is the creepiest/amazing person. He and his feathers felt and attraction to Jen. He let her know this and wanted to form “an alliance” with her. Jen went along with it just because, but when she showered Joe with attention, Vince took Jen aside and asked her if she was into Joe. Vince, you’re not on The Bachelor or Temptation Island. You’re not here to find love, you’re here to win $1 million. In the end, Jen lied to appease Vince. They hugged and I’m pretty sure Vince smelled her hair. Please no collar tribe, don’t vote him out too soon.

When it came to the first immunity challenge, the white collar tribe had a HUGE lead thanks to So and her ability to untie knots at a quick pace. But we all know that it doesn’t matter how you do at the beginning, it always comes down to the Survivor equalizer: the puzzle.

Each tribe had the choice of three different puzzles. One was easy, but had the most pieces. One had the least pieces, but was difficult and hard to see what the finished result was supposed to be. The white collar tribe picked the easier puzzle, but Shirin was taking FOREVER putting the pieces together, blowing her lead and the no collar tribe came back to beat them with the difficult puzzle. But with the blue collar tribe way behind, the white collar tribe should’ve taken second place.

Nope. Shirin had to swap out with Matt, but it wasn’t enough as Matt sailed through the difficult puzzle, keeping the blue collar tribe from their first tribal council. Lesson learned: never take the easy way out of Survivor.

But who goes home?

Shirin is the obvious choice. This is the first vote of the season and you can look at it two ways. Historically, you get rid of the oldest person. The start of the game is team effort and if your tribe can’t win challenges, how do you expect to advance yourself in the game? However, Shirin boasted about her puzzle solving skills and couldn’t come through for her tribe in the end. She essentially lost it for her tribe, but for some reason, her name wasn’t thrown around.

So made the case that Carolyn had to go. She was the oldest and So claimed that Carolyn wasn’t doing her part in camp. Carolyn had an inkling that the writing was on the wall and asked So and Joaquin point blank who they were thinking of voting off. So lied to Carolyn’s face, implying that it would be Shirin who would be packing her bags. Carolyn saw through this lie and took her concerns to Tyler. She knew that a girl had to go in order for the tribe to stay strong and it wasn’t going to be her.

Carolyn broke a major Survivor rule of telling Tyler that she had the hidden immunity idol. While that is something that is extremely frowned upon, Carloyn’s bag was up against the wall and she didn’t want to have to use the idol at the first tribal council. Telling Tyler essentially got him to trust her and made him rethink his options. Yes, Carolyn was the oldest, but Carolyn’s story about So lying about the beans and having a clue to the idol made Tyler (and the rest of the tribe) debate on whether they vote out a weak link or a untrustworthy person.

At tribal council, So’s lie was exposed and she owned up to it. The rest of the tribe wasn’t made at the fact Joaquin and So opted to get the clue for the idol. What irked them was that they lied so terribly. And in the end, it’s what cost her. In a vote of 4-2, So was the first person voted off Survivor.




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