Pretty Little Liars Recap: Wiping the Slate Clean

pretty little liars recap to plea or not to plea

pretty little liars recap to plea or not to plea

Guess who was sick last week? This gal. But I’m back so let’s do this!!!

I miss one episode and the girls have gone from chasing Alison into prison with pitch forks to trying to clear her name.

With Alison wanting to play the Mike card, it looks like her lawyer was advising against it and telling her to cut a deal because the police were mounting a case against the person who helped her kill Mona… Hanna!!!

The walls were starting to close in on Hanna. And with Spencer globe trotting and Aria and Emily off sleuthing, Hanna was in panic mode. She was being framed for Mona’s murder and there was absolutely nothing she could do. A had her blood and the police found Mona’s clothes with Hanna’s blood evidence on it. Talk about iron clad. There’s only one person Ashley Marin should consider hiring:


Scandal is on ABC. PLL is on ABC Family. Synergy people.

Wait… Rosewood’s prison is co-ed. What? That has to be violating all sorts of laws.

Alison was learning that being locked up wasn’t going to keep her safe from A’s reach. A wanted her to take that deal that would send her to jail for 15 years for Mona’s death and take Hanna down with her. Alison doesn’t want to take the deal, but prison torment can make you do some weird things.

With a brand new burn mark to match her orange prison  jumpsuit, Alison was ready to take that plea deal, but Specner’s mom told her not to. Sure there was evidence mounting against her, but could she really live with sending Hanna to jail for a crime they didn’t commit?

Pretty Little Liars

She would. This is Alison people. That girl cannot be trusted

Aria fessed up to kissing Andrew to Emily. “But what about Ezra?” Who cares about Ezra? Aria and Ezra are the long-standing couple of this series and she hasn’t really dated anyone else. I think it’s time for Aria to have a new love in her life, plus he’s all about helping her out at school and when it comes ‘A’ matters.

Emily and Aria enlisted Ezra to track down Mona’s lawyer and see if her knows anything about Varjack. Ezra knew that the lawyer was lying and not truly working on the behalf of Mona.

Meanwhile, Spencer was in London mending her sibling relationship with Melissa and making on Wren’s roommate. Can we talk about how Spencer’s boy game is on point? This season, she’s kissed Toby, the vandal AND this British bloke. Gah head Spencer, get your groove back in London.

Back at Rosewood PD, it looks like Alison took the deal because there was a warrant out for her arrest. Caleb convinced her that running wasn’t the answer and that she had to come clean and tell Tanner everything. But right before her meeting with Tanner, all of Hanna’s texts from A were deleted.

And kids, that’s why you ALWAYS back up your phone. Hanna wasn’t the only one. Emily and Aria’s text were gone too. But Emily managed to find a receipt that has a phone number on it that could connect Varjack to Mona’s murder.

Honestly girls, A has done some next level NSA work on your phone by deleting all your text message. I highly doubt that a receipt from a pizza joint will bring them down.

Pizza receipt or not, Hanna was booked for Mona’s arrest. Spencer flew home after realizing that Melissa’s university meeting was a rouse to keep Spencer out of Rosewood in the off chance that Alison named her as her accomplice.


Pretty Little Liars

After seeing Hanna in prison orange, Alison decided that she wasn’t going to take the plea… which makes sense. The plea was supposed to send Hanna to jail. With Hanna there already, the deal is irrelevant. And being shipped off to a minimum security prison prevents Alison from teaming up with Hanna to try to clear their names.


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