Survivor Recap: Bro-nanas in Nicaragua

survivor odd woman out recap

survivor odd woman out recap

What happens when Joaquin and Rodney hook up, you get the Survivor drinking game. Every time they say “bro”, giggle with affection one another or slap hands, take a shot.

Ready… go!

With a trip to a turtle sanctuary and hot chocolate on the line, Nagarote squeaked out a win and were headed for some beef stew, mac & cheese and hot chocolate. It was a huge win because it’s a challenge based on sheer luck and true aim.

Meanwhile, King Rodney thought he was pulling all the strings. He was aligned with his former blue collar buddies and on the other hand, he had Joaquin, who brought along Tyler and managed to get Sierra on board for a four-person alliance. Rodney told Sierra that they needed to squash their beef in order to move forward in the game because he believed that their alliance of four could make it to the end.

However, Rodney had other plans. He took Mike aside and floated the idea of throwing the challenge to get rid of Will because he was essentially Ozzie 2.0. However, King Rodney only told his plan to Mike, but Mike thinks that throwing challenges ALWAYS comes back to bite you in the butt, but agreed that Will was a threat and needed to go because he had everything it took to win this game… and they’re right.

But Rodney fails to remember that Survivor momentum is something you want to keep because once you lose it, you may never get it back and throwing a challenge never pans out the way you want it to be.

With Nagarote on a two challenge win streak, Escameca was headed to tribal council. But who goes?

If King Rodney has his way, it’s Joe. I completely understand the reasoning behind it. While Joe is apart of the original no collar tribe, he’s not as hippy dippy as Jen and Hali. He’s proved that he’s amazing at all of the challenges that have taken place this season and when it comes down to playing the individual game, Joe could potentially go on a challenge win streak and find himself sitting in the finale. Joe is the poster child for the Survivor castaway that you wait too long to kick out and when you do decide that it’s his time to go, the opportunity has passed.

But I think the obvious choice is Rodney. He made clear that he had alliances with everyone and was playing both sides. He wasn’t firmly with an alliance. He told Mike and Dan that Joaquin was on their side and Joe had to go without actually giving Dan and Mike the time to process the choice that voluntold to them. When a player thinks he has too much power in the game, he needs to go.

But Mike didn’t like the feeling he had after they lost the challenge and he decided that Rodney couldn’t be trusted and he needed to split of Joaquin and Rodney, by sending Joaquin home. They had Joe, Mike and Dan and they just needed one more because Rodney would never vote out his bro Joaquin. That meant Dan and Mike had to grovel and beg for Sierra’s forgiveness and reel her back into the fold to vote out Joaquin.

Sadly, the way they did was not their best effort. Instead of making her feel like one of the group, they pretty much just laid down the law and told her how it was going to be. Sierra found herself the swing vote. On one hand, she had Joaquin who could offer her a nice final three deal with Tyler and on the other hand, she had her original tribe who she hated.

What I don’t understand is that why Rodney’s name was not an option? If Sierra goes back to her original tribe and sends Rodney’s main bro home, Rodney will flip out! He wants Joe gone so bad and the fact that his own alliance brought in the guy he wanted gone to get out his bromance would send him off the deep in.

As much as Rodney tries to follow his three C’s, he’s a ticking time bomb and the time will come when he loses it at camp.

In the end, the bromance ended before it could begin when Joaquin (and Rodney) were completely blindsided at tribal council and was sent home in a 4-3 vote.

Next week, Rodney sees red and the tribes merge and I’m guessing alliances will change… yet again.



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