Survivor recap: Pathogens, my butt!

survivor kindergarten camp recap

survivor kindergarten camp recap

First, I would like to apologize that there was no review last week. I went to the car show with my brother. We had a great time. I learned some life lessons.

But that’s neither here nor there. Let’s get into the episode. Over on the beauty tribe, Tai kept up his hunt for the idol… which was up in the tree. After 32 seasons, why is only just in a tree now?!?! Every since Russell’s first time playing, the idol has been insanely easy to find and these castaways don’t even need a clue. It’s about time the producers of the show have to make them work for it a little bit more. Tai struggled to scale the palm tree an ailed. He pondered how Ozzy did it. No seriously, how the hell did Ozzy scale a palm tree like he was climbing a ladder? His spirit animal must be a kitten.


Now back to Tai. Gah head and get you a Caleb. It’s a time honoured tradition of CBS reality TV shows were opposites attract and become the closest of friends. And Caleb and Tai are no exception. I don’t think these two will be forming an alliance anytime soon, but I think their bromance will be a refreshing part of this season.


Every season needs a eccentric. The last two seasons had Shirin. This season has Debbie. She is confident in her intelligence… and is not afraid of telling everyone at camp about it. Everyone is tired of hearing her talk, but that’s not stopping Debbie. While Joe was struggling to make a fire in order for them to bowl water, Debbie announced that she was drinking the water straight from the well. Elisabeth was completed disgusted by this omission due to all the “pathogens” that in the water and they needed to be boiled away before they could drink the water. I was inclined to agree with Elisbeth, but I came across this tweet:

So, Debbie-1, Elisbaeth-0.

At the immunity challenge, three more days was on the line along with fishing equipment. It was really close, but Caleb was able to score a HUGE win for the beauty tribe with brain coming in second place, sending Braun back to tribal council.

Alecia knew that she was next on the chopping block, so she took to the woods to find the hidden immunity idol, while Kyle and Scot sat around and made fun of her and calling her “blondie”. Dudes, she has a name. How would you like it if everyone around camp referred to you by one of your features? Doesn’t sound to night Tall Guy and Terrible Tattoos Guy.

Jenny had enough of it and thought it was time of the girls to align and vote out Kyle. She had the votes. Alecia would do anything to stay and Cydney could care less. Everything was going good, until Scot walked up to Jenny and asked her if they were still good. She realized that voting out Kyle would offend Scot and she liked Scot so she went back on her plan and was going to side with Scot and vote out Alecia. How the hell are you wishy-washy at Week 2? In the beginning, the votes should relatively be easy. At this point in the game, you should be thinking short-term. You need to win challenges and solidify an alliance so you can go into the merge with strength. Alecia should go. You can’t go to the next immunity challenge with a tribe of three girls and one guy. You will get decimated until the merge or the inevitable tribal swap. Also the optics of it will screw you. The other two tribes will assume that an all-girl alliance has formed and is systematically kicking out the guys and they will think that once the merge comes, you will rally all the girls to oust the men.

Jen’s wishy-washy nature got blown up at tribal when she made an off-hand comment that opened Scot’s eyes about their alliance. But instead of keeping her mouth shut, she kept digging her grave and put it out in the open that an all-girl alliance was a possibility with Kyle’s name on the chopping block. And while she entertained the idea, she wasn’t going through with it. She assured her alliance that it wasn’t her idea (it was) and that she was still gung-ho with her alliance in voting out Alecia.


Listen to sad Sansa. She knows a thing or two about dumb decisions.

While Jen is the better option to keep around, in the long run, she’s a classic Survivor liability. Look how easy (and quickly) it was for her to flip on her alliance, decide on the person from her alliance to vote out and gather up the votes to do so.

In the end, Alecia escaped elimination with Jenny getting tossed by a 3-2 vote.

Next week, Debbie and Joe go on the offensive, while the Braun tribe gets idol crazy.


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