Big Brother 19 Finale Interview: Christmas Abbott

big brother 19 christmas abbott final interview

big brother 19 christmas abbott final interview

Christmas Abbott came in third place during Big Brother’s 19th season. We spoke to Christmas following finale night about her injury, why she didn’t turn on Paul and shock at Cody winning America’s Favourite Houseguest.

How are you doing?

I’m doing okay — out of the Big Brother house. It’s very overwhelming!

A lot’s happened. How’s your foot?

Well, I’m walking now, so that’s exciting. I don’t have to use crutches or a scooter! I’m in the boot for a couple of more weeks and then a special shoe. I’ll have surgery in a few months. So, it’s progressing… slowly.

That’s good. It seems that they took good care of you.

They really did. Big Brother was amazing to me. They said they weren’t going to change any competitions for me and they didn’t! I’m glad that they didn’t because I didn’t want that special treatment. They really did take good care of me.

And you still managed to make it to Final Three.

Are you kidding me? [Laughs] It totally affected my game. I had to pivot like a mofo!

I know, but they kept you in there, right?

Well, they gave me the option to stay and there was no way that I was going to come in here, break my foot and then go home! Nope. I tried to push through as hard as I possibly could. My biggest thing is that I should have reminded Josh that he promised me Final Two!

He told us that you would not give him that! You told him to take Paul.

I told him to do what was best for his game. The entire season, he was running on emotion. Come Day 92, he decides to think strategically! I’m not mad at him for it… I understand it. If I was in his position, I would have done the same thing.

You voted for Paul. Did you think he was going to win?

I think that Paul came in with a heavier target. He was a genius with the game. He was a social player and a competition beast. If I’m looking at it as a Big Brother game player, he was definitely the stronger player by far. I didn’t know that I would vote for Paul until that last day. It wasn’t a preset decision. But at the same time, I was kinda hoping Josh would stay true to his word.

Did you think that Paul would win against Josh?

I didn’t think that Paul would win against Josh. I saw Paul’s moves very early on. I’m not sure if everybody saw those moves at the very beginning. Honestly, even though he had better gameplay, Josh stayed true to himself. He called it as it was. He pissed off a lot of people, but he called it as it was. He called the shots. Paul was much more calculated and manipulative. He was more of a Big Brother-style gamer.

There was a moment in the HOH room where it was just you and Josh and you were advising him to make a move that benefitted his game and not Paul’s. It felt like in that moment you guys could have backdoored Paul. Why didn’t you?

I was in a very peculiar situation where I needed both Josh and Paul to protect me for a while. Being taken out of those competitions, people thought it was a benefit. But it actually made me a sitting duck. I was very vulnerable not being able to compete for that Veto. I knew that Paul was working with a lot of other people, but I knew that he was loyal to me and Josh as well. I don’t know, I just felt that I was in a better position by having the two of them, rather than just Josh and I. Honestly, I believe that’s what contributed to me going to Final Three.

What were your thoughts on the other jury members? Were they bitter?

I don’t know if they were bitter. I definitely didn’t have a conversation with them beforehand. I know that they saw what happened with Paul and Josh blew up the game in the diary room [for the goodbye messages] and that was really smart for Josh. I’m not sure where they were with that thought process. Maybe I was surprised with a few votes, but I’m not sure what happened in that jury house.

Were you surprised by Cody’s vote?

I was surprised by Cody’s vote. Cody has had such a personal disdain for Josh and it seemed that Cody respected Paul’s gameplay. Even though he knew what Paul’s gameplay was. He didn’t blow up Paul’s game before he left. So when Cody voted for Josh, I was a little bit surprised. I was like, “Wow, alright.”

Were you surprised that Cody won America’s Favourite Houseguest?

You know what, I’m not sure what the viewers saw, but I know what I experienced from Cody inside the game and I want to emphasize that. Cody was never truthful about who he was. He lied to everybody. He tried to play a really dirty and manipulative game. I’m surprised that he got America’s Favourite. I’m not sure how that came about, other than having Jessica’s support and help. Surprise! She carried him the entire freaking game. I’m a little surprised… But you know, that’s not something that I’m privy to as to why he won.

Are you going to watch this season to see how that may have happened?

I’m not really interested in watching this season. No… There are probably some GIFs and stuff that I want to see because we made some funny faces and had a great time, but honestly, it is what it is. It’s already behind me. I want to keep the experience that I had and not taint it. I don’t want to obsess about it. I want to take it for what it was. Whatever the opinions that the other houseguests had of me at the time, if they were negative, then they’ll change by meeting me outside the house. If not, then I don’t have to live with them anymore! I’m going to go back to my life, this is not the end of it. There are a lot of beautiful things to look forward to. I made some great friendships.

A celebrity edition of Big Brother will premiere this winter on CBS, while Global will also broadcast a sixth season of Big Brother Canada in early 2018.


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