Big Brother Exit Interview: Jason Dent

big brother jason dent

big brother jason dent

Jason Dent, the 38-year-old Rodeo Clown, from Humeston, IA, was the first evicted houseguest in Thursday’s (September 7) double eviction. We got the opportunity to chat with Jason before he went to the jury house to discuss his blindsiding eviction, who he thinks betrayed him and his most memorable moment inside the house.

Talk about blindside! Whose betrayal shocked you the most?

I don’t know who’s lying and who’s not. I can’t tell if it’s Alex or Paul. I could literally care less about Josh. I know he voted to evict me, but I don’t know if he’s working with Paul or Alex. I don’t know whose betrayal hurts the worst, because I don’t know who it’s coming from. I know that sounds ridiculous, but I really can’t put it together. Maybe it’s Alex that needs to be taking all the heat right now? Knowing Alex and given her disposition, that wouldn’t be too much of a shocker and I should really wisen up.

Is there anyone that you regret trusting the most after how things turned out?

That question makes me think Alex is behind it all. I must be super naive. Because I really didn’t trust anyone except for Paul and Alex. [Editor’s Note: We are not allowed to give any information — whether it confirms or denies — the jury member’s claim]

Did the thought ever creep up that Paul may have had a “Final Three” deal with Josh and Christmas at the same time as you and Alex?

I figured Paul had a final two deal with Christmas. Because he spent a lot of time with her in the very beginning and then, toward the end, you could almost tell that those two were on the same brainwave. But, I honestly thought that it would play out in the final four. I thought we didn’t have to worry or talk about it and it would just play out. But Paul has always protected Christmas, even when I wanted to get her out of there. It’s not a shocker… Yes, the thought did cross my mind.

Why were you so trusting of Paul? The newbies have always had the numbers to evict Paul but instead, they turned on each other.

It’s not what you see, it’s what you believe — and that’s a shame. But inside the house, as much as you’re in the mix you’re still thinking about the outside. I was thinking about exposing Paul to stuff [about my life]… I thought he would understand and appreciate where I come from. I thought he would like to come out and see [my life] and experience it. Even though I didn’t really trust him, I wanted to believe that he wanted to do that as much as I wanted him to do it, so I guess I forfeited everything else.

What was your most memorable moment from your time inside the Big Brother house?

Well I’d be lying and crazy if I didn’t say that was finding out my wife was pregnant during my HOH. And it couldn’t have come at a better time. I will never ever forget that. It was the coolest thing ever!

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