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rachel swindler big brother exit interview

In a stunning eviction on Thursday night, Rachel Swindler was the latest houseguest to be evicted from the Big Brother house. We caught up with the Vegas entertainer to chat about her alliance choosing Brett over her, if she’ll ever forgive Angela, and who’s playing the best game in the house.

That was quite the eviction on Thursday night.

Ahh, it was pretty epic.

At least you have that… It was a pretty big Big Brother moment!

I know, at least I’m walking away with that.

That was a very quick exit.

Byeeee. [Laughs]

Can’t blame you. What was there left to say at that point?

There was nothing left to say and if I had known that it was my alliance [that voted to evict me], I would have outed them in a second. I would have blasted all of them. Sadly, I did not do that. I wish I had.

Hopefully, on finale night you can confront them on live TV.

I will and it will be great.

Being voted out by your own alliance must be the worst feeling.

Yeah. I think I said coming in here, being voted out by the people I trusted would be the worst. Then it happened!

But being voted out by Angela, did that hurt you the most? You had a final two deal.

Yeah, she hurt me the most. She’s a you know what! She will get what’s coming to her. She’s disposable to Brett as well. I hope she doesn’t make it to final two or make it very far. I don’t know exactly what went down.

You were supposed to be the pawn. Did you campaign against Brett?

I said I wasn’t going to drag his name in the mud… I spoke to Rockstar, Fessy, Haleigh, and Scotty — I knew I had their votes. JC said I had his vote and then I assumed Kaycee and Angela would vote to keep me. I thought everyone would do what Bayleigh wanted because she was very adamant about what she wanted this week. So, I just assumed that everyone was going to vote that way because they didn’t want to piss her off.

Your alliance did the same thing to Winston.

They did! I did give Winston a little bit of a heads up in the hammock one night. I said that at this point in the game, we need numbers and need people who are strong competitors. “You’re not a strong competitor, so I’m probably going to vote you out. The alliance is leaning towards keeping Brett because you’re a weak competitor and he’s stronger.” I straight up said that to him. So, he had a little bit of an idea and I don’t know why he stormed out like that because I literally had no clue. I had all of my alliance members tell me that I was safe. They were going over the GIFs from the HOH competition with me! We were studying together all night. Everyone was being nice to me. But it didn’t work out that way!

Who do you think is playing the best game right now?

Tyler’s playing the best game. He is going to win the game if they don’t get him out! He’s playing both sides, but I also think that Bayleigh might be playing both sides. Bayleigh, in essence, could have just told all her alliance members to vote me out and then teamed up with the other side as well. She wanted to know what was going on in the whole house, so she might have done that. She might have sold me out in the process!

I guess you’ll see when you watch it back… Evicted houseguests usually cool down a day later, but do you think you could ever forgive Angela or understand her move here?

If she was manipulated and coerced in a way [by the others]and if this move was all game and not her as a person, I can forgive her. But if this was her plan all along, I will not forgive her or wish her well.

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