Big Brother Exit Interview: Swaggy C


big brother swaggy c exit interview

Chris Williams, aka Swaggy C, was evicted from the Big Brother house on Thursday night (July 12). We caught up with Swaggy C following his eviction to chat about what he’ll miss the most about Bayleigh, Scottie’s vote to evict him, and which houseguest was the hardest to connect with.

Did Kaitlyn really have reason to be worried about you or was she just manipulated by Tyler?

She was 100% manipulated by Tyler. I don’t care what we argued about, we were in the same alliance and if I had won HOH, she wasn’t going on the block!

What will you miss the most about Bayleigh?

Everything. How she took care of me, waking up next her every single day, talking with her — because you don’t get to connect with people like that — so, literally, every aspect of her.

Who was the hardest person to connect with inside the house?

Angela because she has no personality. She does nothing. She wakes up, goes outside to tan and then comes back inside the house. She’s legit just a model. That’s literally what she does. It was hard to read her because she’s very boring. It was hard to connect with her.

Did Scottie’s vote to evict you surprise you?

It did… But honestly, when I watched, I knew it was him. Because when Julie Chen told me that it wasn’t Haleigh, I figured it was Rockstar, but then I thought “Why would Rockstar flip? She has nothing to lose.” That’s when I realized it was Scottie because it was smart if he went around wearing Swaggy C shirts and then told people “Oh, I didn’t vote for him!”

Do you think it was best for his game?

Yes, for his game. Now, if it was a 6-6 vote, and Scottie didn’t vote for me, then I’d be pissed off. But, it was for his game, I guess. It’s smart. He played both sides. If my alliance questions his vote, he could say “I wore a Swaggy C shirt! Why would I not vote for him?” And then if the other alliance questions him, he could say “Yo, I did it to make him feel good.” It was smart.

Is there a houseguest that you think won’t be easily swayed by Tyler or his alliance?

Bayleigh and Faysal. They aren’t taking none of that. But I know nothing about Tyler’s alliance.

Who was the most untrustworthy houseguest?

Tyler and Kaitlyn.

Do you think Kaitlyn burned her bridges or will players that were loyal to you, like Faysal, continue to work with her?

I think she burned her bridges. I think Faysal will still be friends with her, keep a close eye on her, but if she ends up going on the block this week, he will vote her out. And Bayleigh would too.

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