Big Brother 21 Exit Interview: Jessica Milagros


Do you think your chances of staying would have been better if Tommy didn’t use the veto to save Christie?

Definitely. I would have had the votes to stay. I think Christie was an original target of Michie’s and I think that he would have seen Christie as a bigger threat than myself.

What was your favourite moment of this season? 

Oh my god, so many! But it was winning my HOH on my daughter’s birthday. It was a proud moment and I got to see pictures of my family on her birthday week.

Alliances and duos typically have greater chances to make it to the end. Why didn’t you try to create any alliances?

Well, I was a part of two alliances. One was made specifically to throw me under the bus – The Black Widows and the second, Cliff’s Angels ended when no one won an HOH after mine. So I was in alliances but hey, there are also people who have been in an alliance since day 2 and left before me so I don’t see not being in an alliance as a major hindrance for me.

Do you have any regrets or things you would do differently if you could play this game again?

I typically say no regrets but i think that I would have been a little more open and straight forward with Christie in the front end and maybe try starting an alliance with her a little earlier on. But everything happens for a reason, so…no regrets in regard to gameplay. You go home on shots that you take and shots that you don’t take so I really don’t have any regrets.

Did you go into the house with a strategy? If so, did you follow through with that plan or did you play a different game?

Going into the house, my strategy was to not make an alliance on day 1, to get to know people in the house and to align myself with a strong player.  I feel like I did two out of those three things and when I tried to align myself with Michie because he was a strong physical competitor, I thought that was something that could happen or under the impression that we were kinda working together and he put me up!  I tried to stay as true to my strategy which was no major alliances in the first week and to try and get to know everybody on a personal level.  You can’t be in an alliance with someone who doesn’t want to be in an alliance with you.

Who did you make the biggest connection with in the house?

The biggest connection on a personal level was definitely Kat.   Kat was one of my best friends in the house and people knew that.  It was an odd pairing but it worked and I loved her. On a personal level, she’s amazing. On a game level, not so much but I think that’s why I had Christie for. I think I had the same type of connection with her as well.

Who do you hope will make it to the end? 

I would love to see Christie at the end of this. I feel like she has been a pretty straight shooter, she has been able to convince people to keep her, she loves this game and I would love to see her at the end.

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