Coronation Street Preview: Adam Becomes Suspicious of Sarah Following Gary’s Accident

coronation street spoilers gary accident
coronation street spoilers gary accident sarah adam

This week on Coronation Street in Canada: Adam becomes suspicious following Gary’s accident, while Sally meets with Elaine. Don’t miss a special on Thursday which takes a look back at the some of the show’s biggest scandals.

Monday (August 24)

Tyrone phones for an ambulance. Tim tells Sally about a woman claiming to be his Mum. ALya and Elaine meet up secretly in Speed Daal.

Tuesday (August 25)

Sarah heads back to the hospital to check on Gary. Elaine introduces herself to Sally in the café. The police question Sarah, leaving Adam deeply suspicious.

Wednesday (August 26)

Leanne and Steve decide to look at a school for Oliver. Adam calls at the factory to make peace with Sarah. Alya and Sally report Elaine missing to the police.

Thursday (August 27)

Special: Scandals – Relieve some of Corrie’s biggest scandals.

Coming up on Coronation Street during the week of August 31:

  • Maria accuses Gary of still being in love with Sarah.
  • Adam quizzes Bernie about the watch.
  • Leanne realizes the stress Steve is under.

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and now Thursdays on CBC, with an omnibus edition airing Sunday mornings. You can also catch up via the CBC Gem app and online at


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