Big Brother Exit Interview: Michael Bruner

mchael bruner big brother exit interview season 24
mchael bruner big brother exit interview season 24

Michael Bruner was the second houseguest to be evicted on September 8’s 2-hour double-eviction episode of Big Brother. The TV Watercooler had a chance to connect with Michael to discuss if he went too hard on Brittany, if he knew Turner was going to go back on his word and put him up, and his favourite moment from inside the house.

Although it might have been the truth, do you think you maybe went a big overboard when speaking against Brittany?

Maybe. Especially in hindsight knowing that it didn’t ultimately pay off. But I knew that I was going to regret leaving this game without putting it all out on the table. I love this game. I was going to fight to the very end. Brittany and I were in the position where it was either me or her, and in that position, I’m going to choose myself in this game. Sometimes, you have to be a little selfish.

I expected her to go in a little harder on me. It definitely makes it a little tougher to swallow knowing that I did campaign against her, and it didn’t pay off. As bad as I feel – I know I hurt her on a personal level – but, ultimately, I knew I had to do anything to try to stay in the game at that point.

Do you think Brittany understands what you did or will have to smooth things over?

I do hope that Brittany, as a superfan, can understand why I did what I did. That she respects it for the game move that I tried to make it. I do think that I’ll have to do some smoothing over as she did say, “I would have expected that from anybody but you.”

So, I know that I hurt her on a personal level, and I feel horrible about that. I hope she can understand that from my perspective, it was strictly game. I love her as a person, and I really do hope that we can be friends after this.

Going into the last Veto Competition, did you think that Turner was going to go back on his word and backdoor you?

I knew that if I didn’t win the veto, that I was going home in the double eviction.

Turner is not a great liar. I have played the majority of this game with him. He’s calm and levelheaded most of the time, he doesn’t say a lot so when he does start talking a lot, or really fast, and throwing things against you, you know he’s lying. He’s done that a couple of times to me in the game…and yup, turns out he’d been lying!

On Thursday night during the double eviction, before he made his nominations, he was spewing all this stuff at me really fast. I knew that I was in trouble and that I was going to put myself in that headspace to go win that veto because if I didn’t, I knew I was going home.

So, I was not shocked at all.

What’s been your favourite memory from inside the house?

One of my favourite memories from inside the house that makes me laugh is a really awkward moment… I don’t know if it made it to air or not, but it was when Daniel was yelling at Taylor [obviously not my favourite part of the moment], but there was chaos in the bathroom and chaos in the living room! I was standing in the kitchen, and that was the week that Indy was a “Have Not,” and all of a sudden, she comes running into the kitchen and you hear her flip flops, and she goes ‘My slop is burning!’

The house is exploding. There’s chaos. And Indy is running to the kitchen to try to stop her slop from burning. It was just the funniest juxtaposition of what was going on…to have Indy run in and yell about her slop.

I love her! A lot of my favourite moments from inside the house revolved around Indy, so that was my favourite. It still makes me laugh.

Is there anyone you are hoping doesn’t go far?

I really do love and respect everyone who is left in the house. I wouldn’t say that I’m actively rooting against anyone. I think the really petty part of me wants to see Turner follow me into the jury house.

Ultimately, no matter who ends up winning, I think that they will deserve this and it’s hard for me, on a personal level, having spent so much time with everyone, to be actively wanting someone to fail. We’ll see how the game plays out, and I hope the best player wins!

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