TIFF 2023 Review: Fallen Leaves (Kuolleet lehdet)

fallen leaves tiff review 2023 kuolleet lehdet

Director: Aki Kaurismäki
TIFF Presentation: Canadian Premiere (Centrepiece; Luminaries)
Country: Finland, Germany
Year: 2023
Runtime: 81 minutes
Language: Finnish
Cast: Alma Pöysti, Jussi Vatanen

From Finnish director Aki Kaurismäki(The Man Without A Past), Fallen Leaves (or Kuolleet lehdet) gives us a glimpse into the stationary lives of two working-class solitary people in Helsinki who look for a way out of their loneliness.

The film captures Kaurismäki’s signature deadpan comedy and minimalism — if it weren’t for the news report about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, you wouldn’t know it was set in the present.

Fallen Leaves offers hope of brighter times if you’re brave enough to just go to karaoke night. The film was awarded the Cannes Jury Prize earlier this year.

Watch This If: You’re a fan of Kaurismäki’s Proletariat Trilogy and if you’re hopeful for some brighter days ahead.



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